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More free songs about the war

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Two more contributions for your wartime compilation MP3 collection — or to help you decide which of your old favorites you can take down to Goodwill and claim never to have really liked in the first place.

REM weigh in with The Final Straw, which is only slightly less obique than most of their material. Pleasant enough but what is he saying? Even having the lyrics doesn’t help.

The Clash’s Mick Jones (although it must piss him off to still be refered to that way after all these years) and, um, Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s Tony James have got together to produce Why Do Men Fight. Notable for being the only one of this wartime batch with a sense of humour, incorporating as it does a Slade sample….

I can’t give a deep musicologist opinion of these songs because my connection is so flaky I can barely hear more than a few seconds of either at a time. Over to you technologically advanced (or employed) critics for that…

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