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More Free Content Added To iTunes

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TV fans without a budget to buy can take advantage of some free offerings iTunes has loaded up over the past few days. The latest additions include an Apprentice clips compilation and the first few episodes of O’Grady season two. The last entry includes five full episodes at no charge (right now).

O’Grady is a cartoon voiced by “Late Night’s” Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live‘s Amy Poehler, among others. It’s reported to be hysterically funny, but I must admit I have not checked it out yet. With five episodes up and running at no cost, I’ll have to soon, though.

The Apprentice clip show runs more than 40 minutes and includes highlights from the first eight episodes of season five.

Also new are a host of Disney shorts from the past. Viewers can take a stroll down memory lane with such shorts as Squatters Rights and Pluto’s Blue Note. Unlike some of the other new additions, these will cost you — $1.99 per short.

Sounds like some pretty cool additions – especially the free offerings. Even though iTune’s $1.99 price is more than affordable for most, it’s nice to see some teaser shows out there at no charge.

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