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A really good profile of Elmore Leonard, one of the finest auteurs of what really makes the States tick. I particularly like the bit about how success makes projects impossible in Hollywood.

Simply because he’s had successes, he says, it doesn’t make dealing with Hollywood any easier. Coming out of the premiere of Get Shorty, the producer asked him to write a sequel, so he did, Be Cool, the further adventures of Travolta’s character, Chili Palmer, loan shark turned film financer. But because of the success of Get Shorty and Pulp Fiction, he says, ‘the studio was frightened of Travolta’s new fee, 20 million bucks. I said we get a script written, you get it to Travolta with whatever you want to pay him, and if not we’ll get Benicio del Toro to do it. Then he won the Oscar, so his price went up. And so we are still waiting.’

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