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More Dish Woes

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Dish Network is once again threatening to pull the plug on a batch of channels over a pricing dispute. Last time it was Viacom, and we lost MTV, Comedy Central and a group of other channels commonly known as “et cetera.” This time it’s the CNN channels, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Turner Classic Movies that are on the potential chopping block.

Last time, I was pretty peeved, although it did work out for the best. This time I’m having a hard time caring too much, seeing as I don’t watch any of these channels myself on a regular basis. I consider CNN to be a bit like Comedy Central, but a lot less funny. I don’t trust Ted Turner’s judgment as to which movies should or shouldn’t be counted as classics, and I don’t even know, much less care, what “Boomerang” is.

When I chose a satellite provider, I picked Dish because it was a better overall value than DirecTV. What I did not consider at the time was that losing stations every now and then over price disputes might be part of the price of dealing with Dish. Anyone considering new service by either provider should take this into account.

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  • CommonSense

    “I don’t even know, much less care, what “Boomerang” is.”

    Boomerang is another network of Cartoons 24/7. You could have looked it up. It would have taken you two seconds, and prevented you from looking like the bad guy.

  • You’re right, I could have looked it up. I’m not sure what good that would have done, though, as the post was about Dish, not Boomerang. I have a hard time believing there are too many readers out there who need me to tell them what Boomerang is, yet would care if it got dropped from the line-up. But that’s just me.