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More Ant Trouble

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I am deeply saddened that Adam Ant, who should know better at 49, can’t keep it together. He clearly has real problems:

    Adam Ant was arrested on Wednesday after he went on a rampage and exposed himself at a café near his North London home.

    Ant, given name Stuart Leslie Goddard, allegedly went “berserk,” throwing stones and breaking neighbors’ windows before entering the Curly Dog Café and treating the surprised patrons to a strip tease, according to British newspaper reports.

    The 49-year-old then went down to the business’ basement to take a nap until police came to haul him away on suspicion of criminal damage. Photos in Britain’s Sun newpaper showed the rocker being held by two policemen with a blanket around his waist.

    ….Later released on bail, Goddard has been ordered to appear for a July court hearing. In the meantime, he’s reportedly been remanded to a secure hospital psychiatric ward.

    With a history of mental illness, Goddard has run afoul of the law before. He was committed to a psychiatric ward last January after he threatened barflies at a local pub with a starter pistol for laughing at his cowboy-style clothes. He also threw a car alternator through the pub window, striking a local musician in the head. [E! online]

I loved Ant’s combination of outlandish bravado, wild tribal beat, and catchy tunes as he was one of the leading proponents of cheery British New Wave in the early ’80s with “Ant Music,” “Goody Two Shoes” (“don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?”), “Dog Eat Dog,” “Stand and Deliver,” “Strip” (how apropo); and his comebacks, “Room At the Top” in the late ’80s, and the emotionally charged “Wonderful” in ’95. This new collection from Legacy is just about perfect.

Let’s try really hard this time, Adam, and best of luck.

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  • sakana

    i have a “free adam ant” tshirt somewhere– looks like it’s time to haul that sucker out again.