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No one wants a historically accurate film, boys and men what battle scenes, women want a romance and conservative Christians want to have their own values reinforced.

I found this review of Kingdom of Heaven written by Dr. Marc T. Newman. In it he bemoans the fact there are no kind, compassionate Christians portrayed in the fall of Jerusalem.

By Kingdom of Heaven’s account, apparently, in medieval Europe, there simply were no faithful, compassionate Christians.

I don’t know what Dr Newman’s degree is in, but I doubt it’s in history. The Crusades were a bad idea from start to finish and no, but his standards there were very few faithful, compassionate Christians anywhere in medieval Europe.

Before the Crusades Muslim’s and Christians lived in peace and the Muslim controlled holy land was open to settlers and allowed free access to Christian holy sites. Then Urban II wanted to extend his power and called for the first crusade in about 1088.

This man has no grasp on history. How many “Kind and compassionate Christians” existed when the church called for a Crusade against Coptic Christians and sought to dominate the Greek Orthodox Church.

Sure there were numbers of good people, and by his standards I’m sure a few were even good Christians, but those weren’t the people making history. Brutal men who did sickening things to increase and maintain their own power controlled the middle ages.

But no one wants to see a movie about that; they would rather see something with a love story, a big fight scene or two and a happy ending.

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