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Moonshine is a distilled alcohol beverage that is made illegally. It’s called moonshine in reference to the fact that it’s often made in a secluded place, in the open, and under the cover of night. Moonshine is made in many countries but production in the U.S. is mostly limited to hobby production.

There is still limited commercial production of moonshine in the U.S., especially in the rural areas of the Appalachians and the Ozarks. This production caters to those who have acquired a taste for moonshine, appreciate the tradition, or live in a "dry" county. Moonshine production has been a prominent part of eastern mountain culture. Moonshine is also made in the state of Alaska where the importation of supplies can be restricted for months at a time.

Until 1978 it was illegal to make your own wine or beer but hobbyists successfully lobbied for their rights and now home brewing is a popular hobby. In 2001 a bill was introduced to allow home distilling but failed to pass. Home distilling as a hobby seems to be growing from out of the home brewing and winemaking movement. There are dangers involved in distilling that are not apparent with home brewing or wine making.

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