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Talk about movies with endings open to interpretation! Monster’s Ball stirs different emotions for everyone, depending on the viewer’s perception of the film. Forgiveness, prejudice, love, hate. These are some of the themes apparent in the movie.

Monster’s Ball draws you in slowly, then envelops you in your own emotion. I was actually going through a difficult moment with my better half at the time I watched this film, and my solemn mood enhanced the viewing experience. The end of the movie left me feeling content and thoughtful.

A bit about the plot. In this movie, Billy Bob Thorton plays a corrections officer who ends up executing the husband of a woman he later gets involved with. That’s about as much as I can say without spoiling the parts of the movie that make you gasp in disbelief. The movie has about a dozen different climaxes that will force you to say, “Oh, man!”

If your primary motivation for watching this film is to see Heath Ledger, don’t waste your time. His role in the movie is incredibly short, as were his dozen lines. Make no mistake about it. This is Billy Bob Thorton’s movie. If you’re not hung up on Heath Ledger, and can get into a deep drama, I definitely recommend this one. If you’re more of an action fan, steer clear. This is one movie that won’t leave you feeling invincible.

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