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Money, Money, Money, It’s A Rich Man’s World: European Football Round-Up

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Welcome to this week’s Euroscore round-up with all the main news from around the European football leagues. There is no featured match as such this week; instead we go straight into the main talking point of the week — Kaka.

As Abba so neatly put it, "it's a rich man's world." This is definitely the case now when most of us have to question whether spending money to watch our team can be justified in the current financial climate.

Now we have a footballer being offered a salary that is so big it is borderline obscene. How many of us would say no, though? Is there any way back for football from here or has all sense of perspective finally disappeared from the game forever?

Will he or won’t he? The big talking point in the football world this week has been whether AC Milan’s Brazilian star Kaka will make the move to Manchester City. The size of the bid, a reported £100 million plus, illustrates the fact that City have overtaken Milan in the rich list by some way. I know the pound is about as strong as alcohol-free lager at the moment but that is still a huge amount of money to wave about.

Kaka and Milan clearly have some big decisions to make. Factors that the club may want to take into consideration is of course the vast sum of money on offer, the fact that their already star studded line-up sit comfortably in 3rd spot in Serie A, and that young forward Alexandre Pato is quickly developing into a world class player.

Kaka himself is not what many would consider the average footballer. I am not merely talking of his skill in that statement either. This is a man who points to the sky when scoring, wears an ‘I belong to Jesus’ tee-shirt below his Milan one, and leaves all major decisions in his life to God.

This fact was picked up this weekend by one Milan supporter at their game against Fiorentina at the San Siro who, rather unfairly, waved an ‘I belong to money’ banner at him. Kaka, it must be remembered, has been offered wages that dwarf anything previously dreamed of in the sport.

He could be swayed by the fact that he is actively involved in several charities and may feel that City’s spare cash could be put to good use. Kaka is also not a young man that came from the beaches and back streets of Brazil, unlike many of his footballing countrymen. His father is a wealthy man and will be actively involved in the decision-making process. Kaka speaks good English, and therefore has no language barrier to contend with.

The other consideration is a purely footballing one. Manchester City are a team who have not won a thing for many years. They are currently 15th in the Premiership. Quite clearly with the massive injection of cash that has come their way this will very likely change. It has to be said, however, that spending cash like some football managing computer game doesn’t necessarily result in a winning team.

When other players, such as their star turn, Brazilian striker Robinho who was signed in the summer, hear of the money being offered to Kaka, it may lead to discontent and resentment. Very probably City will just match the wage demands to keep their stars happy but will need a rapid turnaround in results.

They are currently on 25 points, 19 adrift from a Champions League spot. Today they have signed West Ham United’s much travelled Craig Bellamy. Clearly the money is there in bucket-loads to spend, and spend it they will but Kaka needs assurances that this team strengthening will happen, and soon.

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