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Monaco Meltdown?

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This just in!

Here’s an update for the brouhaha brewing, nay, bubbling over, in Monaco. You remember Monaco, don’t you? Grace Kelly, American film star who married a fairytale prince? Princess Caroline, one of the offspring of this union? The annual Grand Prix within the confines of the 482-acre country? Prince Albert II, the peripatetic, naysaying pater of more than one unrecognized offspring?

Can’t blame you if either a lot of this is unknown to you, or those particular chapters in your brain are crumbling. Most people alive today weren’t around when a lot of this was going on, and the Grimaldis, the family name for Rainier and offspring, has been pretty much kept out of the news due surely to some strategic enticements placed in the paths of certain publishers, accomplished by certain people in Albert’s camp (read: lawyers with deep pockets).

‘Curiouser and curiouser,’ as another favorite fairytale character once uttered.

A quick recap.

A man named Robert Eringer, a former spook himself, was tasked by the current monarch of Monaco, Prince Albert II, to establish a national intelligence agency in this pocket country some years back, a place where previously there had been no national intelligence agency. And, to be sure, the daily gameplan within the government staffing circles of the country seemed to be something along the lines of, 'Who Can Pull the Most Effective Snowjob on Albert II Today?' Eringer has described daily life within the governing circle in Monaco. In theory, Prince Albert II is sole sovereign. In actual practice, the hijinks Eringer describe are more fitting to an Italian soap opera. A bad Italian soap opera, with almost hourly intrigues, the depth of which are truly staggering and apparently tolerated by the sovereign. What fun can it be when your supposed sovereign, Albert II, chickens out at every step, giving in to the maneuvering of the French, outsiders, and his own staff?

On another note, during the last few days of his life, Prince Rainier was signing anything his closest advisor put in front of him.  He read nothing, just signed.  Consequently, some old favors got called in, other favors were schemed up on the spot, and some favors went into the bank, as it’s called.  You’re one favor up on Mr X, and he knows he owes you big for what you did for him.  We’re talking government fraud at its highest.  Granting a formal residency permit for the appropriate donation. That sort of stuff.  But that’s just one of the potential scandals that may be on the horizon.  I don’t want to steal Eringer’s thunder, so if any of this interests you further, please go to his blogspot.  You'll be entertained and appalled at the same time. 

I must admit at this point that I’ve essentially read only one side of this argument: Eringer’s. However, since what he’s covered in the past months on his website most probably is a paraphrase rehash of the subjects which will arise in the trial itself (and dressed up in legalese), I believe there’s little if any aspersion to be cast.

That the trial is even occurring is not due to the cooperation of Monaco’s lawyers. Quite the contrary—they’ve apparently tried everything from legal principal to “lies and manipulation of journalists and threatening lawsuits against media outlets that reported on the case,” according to Brigham Ricks, Eringer’s legal eagle. Ricks also stated “… we are watching Monaco writhe in pain and agony, dying a slow and embarrassing death.”

What Eringer has published on his website covers a broad range of questions posed to the principality, including subjects such as “… corruption, criminality, prostitution, rape, illegitimate children and derelict governance, which will devastate the prince and his government politically at home with their subjects and in international relationships…”, quoting Ricks again.

Here’s your chance to really see how the other half lives!

Author’s Note
Another useful resource is a magazine article carried on Amazon. It doesn’t have an ISBN, but you can find it here.

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  • SASLoulou

    “we are watching Monaco writhe in pain and agony, dying a slow and embarrassing death.”

    Sounds like a very emotional invective for jurists lol! Now, how do they really expect to try Monaco for corruption, prostitution, rape, derelict governance etc? Hmmm… Biting a bit much for what they actually can chew. Eringer is a self-reverential joke.