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A couple of months ago I learned that one of my good friends was joyously pregnant. She’ll be a great mom.

A few days after that, I really started to dig the last track on the most recent Sleater-Kinney album. Normally, rock ‘n’ roll odes to motherhood (are there any others?) would ricochet off my armor of cynicism, but this one rocks, and the time was right. If you haven’t heard Sympathy yet, get your ass to a record store and buy One Beat now.

It’s a great song. Cowbell, a hum-er-rific guitar riff, Corin wailing at her most emotional, and cool backgroud woooh-wooohs.

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  • The Theory

    that Sleater-Kinney cd rocks. *phew!*


  • Eric Olsen

    Great to hear from you Matt, hope you are well.