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Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People

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This cd reminds me a lot of Sigur Ros. There is the slow, methodical instrumentation. The slow, murmered vocals, which are often unintelligable. And the fact that on paper it sounded like a cd I should love but in reality don’t.

Mogwai is like the American counterpart to Sigur Ros. Granted, the majority of the songs don’t have lyrics in gibberish (in fact, most of Mogwai’s songs don’t have lyrics, period), but the same general vibe is there.

My main problem with this cd is that there is a lot of redundancy. Both in actual sound and general feel as the cd progresses. Listening to track one gives the same slow, sad sensation as track two or track three. Sometimes to vary it up they try for a slow, “warm fuzzy feeling” build, but often don’t succeed in the “warm” and “fuzzy” elements.

If you like Sigur Ros or Godspeed You! Black Emporor give this cd a try. If Sigur Ros or GY!BE annoy the dickens out of you, like they do me, advoid this offering like the plague.

Note: For you computer gurus, there is a bonus part for your Windows-compatible computer. They have included a demo version of Cubase SX, a music program, which will allow you to remix the song, “Hunted By A Freak”. Enjoy.


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  • Sean H.

    First off, I must admit I’m a major fan of the band. If you’re a big fan or familiar with their other releases, the new one is a progression and is quite different from the others. If not, I can understand your point. For the record, the band is Scottish, not American, the vocals (when they exist) are not gibberish ala Sigur Ros but heavily processed to the point where they function as little more than another instrument. Finally, the sleeve notes about the Cubase program are wrong. I don’t think any of the released versions ended up with that feature.

    That said, I can see your pointsomeone hearing the same basic

  • The Theory

    well, i don’t know about the radiohead fan stereotype, but other than that, i agree with you. haha.

  • hmmm, now you guys got me thinking.

    i heard something from Mogwai just the other morning….at first i thought it was some new Godspeed or something…until they said who it was.

    i’ll probably buy the danged thing anyway.

  • I felt exactly the same thing for their last album, Rock Action that you seem to for this album. And I like GYBE a lot. What Mogwai did on that album was just too repetitive and bland after about three tracks. Particularly disappointing given the hype Radiohead fans had built up around it . . . in retrospect, I’ve found most of the things Radiohead fans recommend tends to fail exactly the same way for me every time. Hmm.