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Modest Mouse on Freebird

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As I was listening to Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again, which is a Modest Mouse live album, I heard the funniest Freebird exchange ever.
The fan yells “Play some Freebird!” like the ass-hat that he is, and Isaac Brock, lead singer of Modest Mouse responds with the following.

“I know I have said this before, but the odds of us actually playing Freebird?

There are no odds. It is not going to happen.

I will start off with the first reason. We have no idea how to play Freebird.

The second reason is. In the Love Bug’s natural habitat, that would f***ing kill him and you wouldn’t want that. He is f***ing adorable. He is cute.

Thirdly, even if, pick your deity, came down from the heavens or wherever or the hills or wherever the deity lives and blessed us with this vast knowledge of Freebird. And we could play it backwards and sing it backwards.

We still just wouldn’t do it.


If this were the Make A Wish Foundation and you were going to die in 20 minutes just long enough to play Freebird, we still wouldn’t play it.

Here is the end reason. The end reason is that life is just too f***ing short to hear or play Freebird.”

(First posted at RockDummy.com)

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  • Modest Mouse has made at least one really good single with “Float On.” However, they needn’t think that anything they ever do in their entire career will put them in any position to look down on Skynyrd.

    Come back when you’ve recorded a song with the throw weight of “Freebird” and we’ll talk.

  • I will give you that Freebird is a great song. BUT, the guys who think it is funny to yell “PLAY SOME FREEBIRD” in a drunken slur at every concert where someone is playing guitar is stupid. It is on par with those idiots who scream “GET IN THE HOLE” as Tiger Woods is teeing off on a par 5. Or the stupid Red Sox fans who insist on chanting “Yankees Suck!” when the Red Sox are playing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in April and it is an undeniable fact (even to an Indians fan) that the Yankees do not, in fact suck. On top of that, it is just as wrong as it would be for me to go into a guitar shop and sit down and play Stairway to Heaven on a huge amp. It is cliche. It isn’t fresh. It is boring.


    Yelling for freebird at every concert, specifically a Modest Mouse show?

  • Why do they need write a better song than free bird to look down upon it? I’ve never written a good song but I still have the authority to criticize music i think is bad.

  • godspeed

    modestmouse is mucho plento better than lynnird the fucking skinnerd.


  • Mike

    Boejabo is right, who the fuck cares about lynyrd skyrnyrd. If you want to listen to boring hick-bred songs about freedom and fucking good ‘ol country times and shit then go ahead, but dont start criticizing good music because if you listen to that shit then you obviously dont know what that is.

  • young Mr. old Mr. Brock

    Look I don’t want to seem like captain vanity here, like a dude who stays up all night trying to find web pages involving them, but a friend of mine asked me about this Skynard thing, so I looked,and here I am.
    Where to start…Oh yeah to the person who is asking why a I would dare try and hold a candle to the universe Super Sun know as Skynard. I never said any thing remotely close to ” I’m way too great to play “free bird”. Why don’t I play you my cover of the creation of every thing. You see I just don’t remember putting on the flier that we were going to play 70’s rock covers that evening. Let me put it this way. I have been too at least…….fuck it I’ve lost track years ago, but we’ll just say many many shows, and I’ve heard the request for “free bird” quite a few times. I think this comes with the cliff notes for heckling> I am prety sure none of the people who asked for it wanted it.
    I had more to say but I’ve already quit giving a fuck.


  • Isaac Brock, or a fan who wants to pretend he’s Brock? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

    And count me among those who really couldn’t give a dump about “Freebird.”

  • I checked the IP address and it appears to be coming from Portland. That leads me to believe that it is at least possible that it really is brock, but whatever.

    Either way, the point is taken. People yell freebird to be funny. Nobody actually wants to hear it. It is just some guy thinking he is bigger than the show for a second.

  • Unfortunately, that tool is now immortalized on an official release! (Which I need to order, now that I think about it . . . )

  • ssharry

    You know what, that really isn’t very funny. Yelling “Lynard Skynard” or “Play Freebird” is just plain disrespectful if they aren’t Lynard Skynard. What if someone went to a Linkin Park Concert and yelled ” Play Undertow! (tool).” Secondly, the person learned the joke secondhand be cause he yelled “Play SOME freebird.” Um, I believe freebird is one thing asswipe.

  • jorge

    isaac brock don’t need to play no freebird. freebird is sh*t compared to the mouse, period.

    soloing southern rock is one matter, creating music like the mouse is a whole ‘nother six matters in itself.

    on a lighter note, you could probably get him to riff a bit of freebird if you buy him a few beers!

  • Jive Turkey

    I’m all for some Free Bird up in this hizzy.

  • Screw these immodest rodents if they think they’re too f’ing good for Skynyrd.

    OK, I’ll grace you with a quick verse:
    “If I leave here tomorrow
    Would you still remember me?”

  • Chad

    why are you guys busting on Free Bird like that, i mean its not a bad song. You people are like Fuck Free Bird it sucks, but I bet none of you have heard the godamn song or ever any Skynyrd song. So before you fucking run your god damn mouths listen to the song.

  • Allen

    Uh, wow. I don’t think the point is whether or not Freebird is a good song (I think it is, but that’s me). The point is that going to Modest Mouse’s concert and, after they’ve played the song that they spent their time writing and perfecting in live shows, screaming out that they should be playing Lynyrd Skynyrd (that’s the correct spelling) instead of their own work is just rude.

  • Am I the only one confused by all the comments here?

    I’m not defending freebird, nor am I ripping on it. I do happen to like the song, though.

    Firstly, nobody has any business comparing modest mouse and lynyrd skynyrd. They’re so different that you can’t say one is better than the other.

    The message is that life is short and not to do what others tell you to do.

  • jjijimjimmjimmy

    There isn’t a message. It’s supposed to be funny. That’s all!

  • Shawn

    I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd play freebird live about 5 years ago. It was this whole 12 minute production including a piano intro played on a revolving platform. Why would anyone like that song/band? Why does anyone care about Isaac Brock saying he will never play freebird? How are there people defending Freebird to the death that are viewing a page about Modest Mouse? I would hope that there is no one who can claim to be a fan of both. They conflict.

  • Hello, i’ve had the misfortune of hearing freebird around about 10 times… i can honestly say it is one of the most boring songs i have ever heard… now, ok, i’m not trying to help out MM, or even Isaac Brock, cause they obiously don’t need it… and i’m not trying to help out Skynyrd either… i’m just making the point that freebird is a waste of time to me… is that the end? yeah i think so

  • owen

    “Unfortunately, that tool is now immortalized on an official release!”

    true, but if that dude hadn’t been in the crowd, we would’ve never heard isaac’s awesome response

  • emo sux

    Modest Mouse is terrible. Since when did it become cool to whine about shit and act all pathetic all the time. It’s this whole “I pretend to kill myself for attention” type shit that really bugs me about this generation. Fuck, I’d prefer to listen to gangsta rap because at least those guys aren’t a bunch of whiny little bitches.

    At least Lynyrd Skynyrd doesn’t have any member who is a fat loser with a lisp that can’t hold a tune.

  • emo sux

    Modest Mouse is terrible. Since when did it become cool to whine about shit and act all pathetic all the time. It’s this whole “I pretend to kill myself for attention” type shit that really bugs me about this generation. Fuck, I’d prefer to listen to gangsta rap because at least those guys aren’t a bunch of whiny little bitches.

    At least Lynyrd Skynyrd doesn’t have any member who is a fat loser with a lisp that can’t hold a tune.

  • Space Case

    When did Modest Mouse become a band that is pretending to be suicidal for attention? Have you ever listened to any of their songs, read the lyrics? They are inspirational, music you can feel. Not only do they have a unique sound and unique lyrics, they also have found the ability to connect to the listener. The songs are poetic and intellectual.

    “If it takes shit to make bliss, then I feel pretty blissfully.”

    Modest Mouse has found a way to show the ugly and beautiful sides of life. The songs are deep and touching. So all you whinny harebrained wankers should take a second look at what you are calling crap.

    As for Skynyrd, the two shouldn’t even be compared. Its not even close to the same genre of music. And who can blame Isaac for not wanting to play freebird. MM isn’t a cover band.

  • Jacob

    So who really gives a fuck about this? I can’t believe this shit. I love Modest Mouse and I love Lynyrd Skynyrd. Modest Mouse is better of course, but that’s beside the point. Isaac doesn’t like stupid ass people fucking with his flow. Done. Now stop talking about this shit.

  • Bearfoot

    I agree, life is too short for an overplayed overlong joke of a song.

    I like the band and all, but the song stinks. It’s a case of sadonecrobeastality.. that is to say, beating a dead horse. the “Joke” hasn’t been funny for years.