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The term mobile has broad application within technology. Mobile may describe a person's physical state as being on-the-go or being away from a permanent fixture such as a desktop computer or a landline phone. Or, mobile may be used as a synonym for cell phone. Mobile can also be defined as a marketing channel or medium.

Whether it's making a phone call in a remote area, accessing email from a handheld device while traveling, or browsing the Web from a smartphone, much of our technology is already mobile.

Mobile technologies will continue to advance as improvements are made to cellular and wireless network speeds, common security concerns are addressed, and devices become more powerful and feature-rich.

While the ability to have communication technology with us at all times allows us a degree of flexibility previously unattainable by the constraints imposed by wired devices, being "always on" can blur the lines between areas of our lives that were previously very separate, making it much harder, for example, to ever truly leave work.

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