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Mobile Monitoring Software to Keep Kids Safe: Two Recommendations

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Mobile devices have become a household item today used by all ages. Parents should be aware of the content kids are viewing and whom they are interacting with online. We have all heard the horror stories about some sick adult meeting a child and abducting them. The time to prevent this from happening is now. Not speaking to your children about this danger will not keep it out of your home. And just because they aren’t using a “computer” doesn’t mean they aren’t in danger.phonesheriff-monitoring-hero

Many parents install parental control utilities on their home PCs, but modern kids are using their mobile devices much more. PhoneSheriff ($89/year) can be installed on smartphones to help protect kids. It gives parents complete control over what their children are viewing online using mobile devices. They can set schedules which prevent kids from using their mobile devices when they should be doing homework.

If you have kids who are driving, PhoneSheriff can track and log their locations letting you know where they are or have been. Parents can also monitor social media activity such as Facebook and Twitter, and block unwanted callers or text messages from those same people. Parents can set up instant notifications through SMS or email, alerting them to the use of profanity, visiting forbidden sites, and much more. PhoneSheriff is available for Android, BlackBerry, MacOS, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows NT, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Parents who aren’t very tech savvy may choose PhoneSheriff’s White Glove installation service which can remotely install the software over the internet for an additional $39.97. The parent must have the mobile device in hand at the time of the call.

If you have an iPhone which has been jailbroken, Mobipast is one of the simplest tools you may use for monitoring mobile devices. It too offers great features, including tracking of locations, web use, messages, calls, contacts, Facebook, and more. Mobipast installs monitoring software that runs in the background. Parents can have the monitoring report sent directly to them via email. Mobipast isn’t very expensive either when considering the protection it provides, just a one-time fee of $39.99.

There are other services available for monitoring mobile devices, but I can personally recommend these two. I have used each of them and can say they are products every parent should consider. Both PhoneSheriff and Mobipast are undetectable by the mobile phone user being tracked.

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  • david andwon

    I don’t agree with monitoring kids by spyware…of course, intention of parents is good, but when I thought if I monitored by others, I will feel terrible… so I uninstall the keylogger my wife installed on my son’s computer. But really speaking,this application is not too bad to monitor http://www.anykeylogger.com/keylogger-for-mac.html .