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MMO DNA: Five Types of Gamers you will Encounter Online

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When you’re in a fantasy world, there are many different types of characters you’ll find. Some are good, others are evil; you’ll help some, kill others. When you’re playing an MMORPG, or massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, some of the people you’ll meet are also sitting at their computers.  Here is a quick look at the different types of folks you’ll find.

The Social Gamer

Image via Flickr by Cosmic Kitty

Image via Flickr by Cosmic Kitty

In talking to social gamers, you quickly find out that the only reason they started playing is because their friends were playing. In some cases, social gamers may not even be into the game. That is okay though, they sit in the guild chat and are willing to help out in a raid or dungeon exploration. Social gamers are likely to latch onto new friends quickly, as well. They make a great asset to the guild because of their loyalty.

You won’t have a problem running into the social gamer, whether it’s in real life or online. In real life, they’re the ones hanging out at gaming stores and wearing gaming themed shirts. Online, you’re likely to find them on social media networks, either begging for friends to join them on their quest or posting status updates related to the game.

The Quest-er

Image via Flickr by daniel_jurena

Image via Flickr by daniel_jurena

When you know a quest-er in an MMO, you don’t need to buy the guidebooks or worry about tapping out of the game to read a tutorial. Instead, you can just ask this gamer. They have explored all the zones, they’ve gone through all the dungeons, and they’ve encountered every boss. They know everything about the game. They’ve played through every single quest. In most cases, they’ve even done this multiple times. In fact, you heard that they played through a quest that has been rumored, but you can’t get confirmation that anyone else has ever found it.

The Rage Raider

Image via Flickr by Jonas M Luster

Image via Flickr by Jonas M Luster

“Come on guys! You should all understand how to do this! It’s so easy, it’s almost stupid.” If you’ve heard or read these words from someone in your raid, especially when it’s the first time anyone in the group has done this encounter, you might be dealing with a rage raider. These are people who leave after one wipe, angry you didn’t get it on the first try. Usually this gamer will throw expletives and juvenile rantings at the group during play. Just hope your internet connection doesn’t go down when playing with a rage raider, or else you’ll have to face their wrath. The last thing you want to do is bed  on the receiving end of an attack from a guy who just lost a battle because your internet hiccuped.

The PvP-er

Image via Flickr by Mrigashirsha

Image via Flickr by Mrigashirsha

This player only goes through dungeons or on raids when they absolutely have to, to get the next level of gear. They arre not too fond of questing and are more likely to challenge you to a duel than work with you on a kill. The PvP-er spends the majority of his or her time in Player vs. Player zones. They’re great at fighting one on one, or even against entire groups of other people playing in the arenas, but if you put them against a dragon they’re probably going to get bored.

The Loner

You know the type. The guy who tries to handle everything himself and refuses help from everyone. You can often find his corpse scattered around huge enemies. Whether he or she was the only child in his family, or just a social outcast, this guy or girl works alone for whatever reason. It will make the game infinitely more difficult, but maybe that’s how he or she prefers it. You can try to offer your assistance, but you’ll likely get denied.

The Troll

For whatever reason, they exist in almost every game genre, and MMOs are no different. Despite some MMOs charging a monthly fee, you’ll constantly see people that don’t take the game seriously. They will buy the game, they’ll pay the monthly fee, and then they’ll do nothing. They’ll block your way, they’ll steal your loot, and they’ll stand in the middle of the field and have their character dance or play a guitar for no good reason. Regardless of their motives, as long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you, so just sit back and laugh at their antics.

Gamers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and genders. When playing an MMO, it’s good to remember that you never know who’s behind that avatar. When playing with someone new, take the time to get to know them before you decide they’re in one category or another. You never know, the person you decided was a rage raider may actually be a quest-er on a bad day.

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