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MLM or Multi-level Marketing really began in the late 1800’s when traveling salesman would peddle their wares to small towns and villages. Through the early 1900’s many MLM (Multi-level Marketing) organizations were formed and entrepreneurs today can still own their own home business with some of the original multi-level marketing companies.

The most well known MLM is Amway. The FTC filed a suit against Amway for running a pyramid scheme in 1975. However, in 1979 a judge ordered their business practices are a legal home business opportunity paving the way for more MLM companies to begin.

The concept behind MLM is that ordinary people can make money from home running their own business. The idea flourished with housewives, as home parties used for direct selling grew all the rage. Homemakers would throw a “party” with their friends and their friends would join the organization as a referral and have parties as well. Today women and men alike are drawn to the multi-level marketing companies to work as a team.

Two of the newer MLM companies that are making headway in the industry are Team National and Monavie. Team National offers members and consumers savings with factory direct pricing, while Monavie develops nutritional products.

The blogosphere is loaded with information on MLM companies at blogs like TeamNationalBlog and Make Lots of Money Blog.

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