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MLB’s Chief Operating Officer On Critics: “They’re Full Of Crap!”

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Bob DuPuy – Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball –doesn’t want people to think he caved to public pressure in response to today’s announcement that MLB would in fact certify all baseballs used by the San Francisco Giants as Barry Bonds chases Babe Ruth.
Apparently, DuPuy didn’t know that MLB wasn’t certifying the Giants’ balls and only found out after reading about it on ESPN.com. Du Puy took immediate steps to make sure that these balls will be certified.

According to the comments DuPuy made Friday he says, “I was surprised we weren’t doing it. I asked why. Nobody had a reason. So I said we should be doing it.”

Here’s what DuPuy has to say to those who think MLB is caving to pressure, “You can tell them their full of crap, and you can quote me on that.” Nice words from Number 2.

Here’s what league spokesman Pat Courtney said Wednesday, “He’s not approaching the record. We will revisit the ball authenticating when he approaches the record.” Furthermore, ESPN.com’s Darren Rovell reported that Courtney added that MLB didn’t expect as much of a fight in the stands for the ball as there was during the McGwire/Sosa chase of Maris, and the Bonds chase of McGwire. No, and MLB also doesn’t think that dropping thousands of dollars in cash into the stands would create much of a stir, either.

Does this sound like – as DuPuy has said – that the league didn’t have a reason for not certifying the balls? Does it sound like nobody at the league office had discussed this situation?

If what DuPuy has said is true, then spokesman Pat Courtney fabricated his statements and/or was speaking with no authority to do so. Who, if anyone, gave this spokesman permission to make these comments? And if Courtney spoke out of turn, will he be disciplined? If he made this stuff up about not certifying the balls he certainly should be in some kind of trouble. I’d like to hear from Courtney.

And is it worse to be a flip-flopper or a guy who has a spokesman out there saying things without authority?

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