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MLB Playoff Predictions

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My Phillies went off and got themselves eliminated from the National League Wild Card. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to have fun by playing God here and predicting who will become top dog for the 2003 season.

First, with only a few games in the regular season to go, there is only one playoff spot so far undecided. The NL Central division. Right now the Cubs and Astros are right there and it could go either way. I am going to guess that the Cubs take it. Hell, they deserve it.

So this is how the standings should look at the end of the season.
NL East: Atlanta Braves
NL Central: Chicago Cubs (with the possibility of Houston)
NL West: San Francisco Giants
NL Wild Card: Florida Marlins

AL East: New York Yankees (surprise)
AL Central: Minnesota Twins
AL West: Oakland Atheletics

AL Wild Card: Boston Red Socks

In the five game division series, Atlanta will play either Chicago or Houston. San Fransico will play Florida. New York and Minnesota will face off, as will Oakland and Boston.

Atlanta vs Chicago/Houston: Atlanta will have home field advantage (as if they need it) regardless which team they face. I would personally love to see either team beat Atlanta, however, Atlanta will take it in four games.

San Francisco vs Florida: San Francisco has the home field advantage here. San Francisco has the better team, in my opinion, however Florida has the momentum. They’ve been going back in forth in the wild card for the past two months and just plowed over teams to finally take it from the Phillies. They’re on an adrenaline high and don’t really know what they’re in for, which will probably make it easier. I still have to pick San Francisco, however. It will take all five games to decide.

New York vs Minnesota: New York is admitedly has not dominated this year like past years. But they’re still winners. And it wouldn’t be a post season with out them. And they have home field advantage. Minnesota has steadily grown stronger over the past number of years as Cleveland has loosened their grip on the division, and completely let go two years ago. It will take all five games to decide, and game five will be close. But New York will waltz away with it.

Oakland vs Boston: Boston is a strong team for a wild card pick. However, they also have historically proven to be losers. The Boston fans are just crossing their fingers hoping for the best, yet knowing that their team always chokes. That said, I still think Boston will take it in five games. At the moment, Oakland is in line to have home field advangae, however, that could change as the two teams have similar records.

The league championship series are seven games in length, if needed.

Atlanta vs San Francisco: Again, Atlanta has home field advantage. And they are a team who knows how to win. With how they’ve performed all season, I have to pick them to take San Fransico here. It will take six games to decide.

New York vs Boston: Even with NY having home field advantage, I think Boston will encourage their fans yet another series by keeping it close. And they’ll cheer when Boston pulls it out. Watch the Yankee’s defeat be followed by numberous firings and a rebuild of the team in the off season.

Which brings us down to two teams Boston vs Atlanta. Despite Atlanta having the better record, Boston will have home field advantage thanks to the All Star Game “finally meaning something.” Regardless, Atlanta will come and conquer Boston in five games.

Of course, these predictions mean squat. Things happen. Upsets occur. So don’t take my word for it!

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About The Theory

  • When the Mariners choked (yet again) it stole my momentum for the playoffs [sigh]

    Would be nice to see your predictions come true though, except I’d rather see the cubbies and the red sox in the world series. Both of them have wanted for some time (Boston longer of course) for the big prize.

  • The Theory

    i agree. just not realistic. atlanta is just a steamroller right now. i just don’t see any team beating them in a series without divine intervention.

  • Eric Olsen

    I don’t know: as long as Bonds is in there, the Giants look very tough, and they have the unfinished business of last year as motivation. The experience of last year may count for a lot.

    Atlanta oftens looks unbeatable going in to the playoffs, but usually finds a way to make themselves beatable.

    Good post!

  • The Theory

    Without Bonds, I wouldn’t have put the Giants to pass Florida.

    But I agree, eric. the braves do tend to choke in the post season. But this year has been such a spectacular year for them that I think they won’t even think about past mishaps.

  • Bonds is a freak of nature (and I mean that in a positive way). It’s too bad that he was bashing Babe Ruth awhile back, though.

  • The Theory

    Bonds is one of the best all-round players of our time. He’s a team player. He doesn’t just hit home runs, he also hits singles and doubles. He steals a base. He fields a damn fine outfield. Although, he can’t pitch, maybe it’s something he could work on?

  • My point, Theory, was that there was no reason for him to say bad things about the Babe. There will never be another homerun hitter like the Babe. The guy hit more homeruns than his league one year. Bonds — or any other player — would have to hit several hundred homeruns to eclipse that feat.

    It’s sort of like Cy Young’s 500+ wins. That’s not going to happen with current rotations as they are.

    None of this diminishes Barry Bond’s great talents on the field today. A-Rod and he are the two best players today, I think. However I also think it’s too bad that he felt the need to bash the Babe.

    Why? For what purpose?

  • The Theory

    i wasn’t saying anything to refute what you said. nor was i trying to. i was just adding to your part about the freak of nature blip.

  • Understood, Theory, but my question remains: I wonder *why* he said those things about the Babe? What for? This wasn’t/isn’t necessarily a question for you directly but for anybody who might know more about that situation.

    I never saw a very good explanation for that.

  • 2 cents:

    1. I think the Cubs have actually been waiting longer for a WS win. It just seems longer for the BoSox because they have been a perennial contender.

    2. The Red Sox choke reputation is more myth than reality.

    1986 – they blew the WS, yes, but the Mets were a much better team. The Sox got by with an inferior bullpen and it finally killed them (they had blown the lead and had the crappy bullpen) BEFORE Buckner’s error.

    but they had an even more dramatic WIN in the ALCS just to get there, down to their last strike down 2 runs away to California, trailing 3-1 in games.

    1978 – yes, they lost to the yankees, but again, the yankees had much better pitching and were a smidge stronger. yes, they blew a big lead, but they also won 8 straight to close a 3.5 game gap on last day to force the playoff. the yanks caught some breaks that day–not just dent, the pinella sun ball that would have won it in the 9th (he blindly flailed and snagged the ball).

    1975 lost in 7 to superior reds team, but came back in game 6 from 6-3 down in the 8th.

    1967 Cards were better team, sox “impossible dream” name stemmed in part from miracle performance, got to game 7.

    1999 yanks were better (so was cleveland), 1998 indians better, 1995 indians better, 88 and 90 oakland better.

    as some sports dude recently mentioned, the only team that was a favorite AND choked was the 46 team.

    the club had other collapses pre-playoffs, the reputation is largely hype.

  • The Theory

    Ok, UPDATE: Cubs won today, so Houston is out of the equation.

  • The Giant will beat Atlanta (if they even get past the Cubs). They did it last year. They can do it again.

    It is improbable, but there could be another Bay Bridge series. Hopefully without an earthquake this time.

    I imagine the criticism of Ruth is partly because of the abuse and death threats Hank Aaron endured as he closed in on Ruth’s record.

    There was a good column in the Miami Herald on Bonds.

  • Nice post. I’m glad you have my Sox beating the Yanks, even if you have Ted’s boys rolling my Sox in five (unlikely). That would be a series with an outrageous number of runs scored given both teams’ structures, and you just can’t predict which team will have three run innings and which will have eight run innings.

    One minor correction: You said Boston might have home field advantage. Of course, I’ve got the benefit of hindsight now that the playoffs have started, but Boston could not get home field — the Wild Card by definition does not get home field advantage even if its record is better than the oponent. Normally the wild card plays the best team in the league (Yanks have the best record this year) but the wild card is not allowed to play a divisional rival in the divisional series. That brings up the question of why they call it the divisional series, but we can leave that quandry for another day.

  • Eric Olsen

    TT, you called the final standings right on – after the first three games yesterday I’m going with the Cubs and Sox in the Series, with the Cubs winning for the first time in 70 years – Sox still under the Curse.

  • Taloran

    Not to refute the comment about Bonds and A-Rod being the two best players in the league today, but….

    A-Rod is only the best shortstop by a slim margin. Jeter and Garciaparra are dang close. Jeter’s defense might be a little stronger than the other two, A-Rod’s the best power hitter of the three, but Garciaparra might have the best combination of power, batting average and defensive skills.

    Go Sox! Break the Curse!

  • Curse me? Curse you!

    No curse, no curse. (#10)

  • Eric Olsen

    Chris, you just keep whistling pst the old graveyard.

    Tal, good analysis of the shortstops, BUT Jeter, as much as I hate the Yankees, is the proven winner. That counts for more than anything. Jeter has been the best player on the best team of the last ten years – I’d take him first if I was picking a team.

    Go Tribe in 2004!!

  • the sox and the cubs in the series would be a beautiful thing, just for the cool pairing alone.

    i can’t really say who i think would be because, being from new england, i know almost nothing about the rest of the cubs pitching staff except for what i saw last night: wood was freakin’ great.

  • Taloran

    re Eric’s comment 17:
    I think that if the drafts and free agent market had gone differently, and either Nomar or A-Rod had wound up playing for the Yankees, then THAT shortstop would be, as you said, “the best player on the best team.”

    I was taught to be a foaming-at-the-mouth Red Sox fan by my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, so my draft choice would be different simply because I’m a homey. However, Jeter’s defensive play in the WS against the D-Backs two (?) years ago was jaw-droppingly astounding.

    Here are a few simple stats on the three (defensive stats since ’97, offensive stats for career):

    Home Runs




    A-Rod came up in ’94, Jeter in ’95, and Nomar in ’96 (though Nomar counted as a rookie the next season). So, if one missed the first pick of the draft, it wouldn’t be too terribly horrible to settle on the second or third best SS in the game – whoever that might be!

    Dang! Darn program is stripping my table, so the formatting on the stats isn’t as nice as I would have liked.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’d take all three and move A-Rod to third and Nomar to second. Now THAT would be an infield.

  • The Shortstop Wars are easy in my mind. I don’t think you can compare Jeter or Garciaparra to A-Rod.

    A-Rod puts up superior numbers if you consider the lineup he hits in.

    He doesn’t have a lineup with Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Nick Johnson, and oh yeah, this guy named Jason Giambi.

    He also doesn’t have a lineup with Trot Nixon, Jason Varitek, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez.

    I agree that Jeter is more historically significant at this point because he has been a major part of the most dominating team, but I think if they were all viewed objectively, the list would go like this.
    1. A-rod
    2. Garciaparra
    3. Jeter

  • Go Sox. I want that curse BS done with. And a Sox/Cubbies series would be awesome!

    Last night on Craig Kilborn, there was a mock debate between a Sox diehard and a Cubs aficionado. It devolved from a trash-talking fest over whose team would win in a Sox-Cubs World Series into a shouting match over which team sucked harder, with each fan insisting his own team was the worst out of their desperation to win something, anything. My favorite line: “You suck because you can’t see how badly my team sucks!”

  • Taloran

    So, Eric says Jeter is the best because he plays for the best team, and Craig says A-Rod is the best because he plays for the worst team.

    Poor Nomar.

  • Taloran

    Who put up the beer poll? Warsteiner is misspelled, and they left out Sierra Nevada Pale Ale!


    Jeter’s good, but I want the Yankees to lose so badly my vision is blurring. I don’t care who wins, so long as the Yankees tank.

    For my brother’s sake, I must do this: O-R-I-O-L-E-S! Magic, magic, we’ll make it happen in 2004. (How’s that for dreaming the impossible dream?)

  • Eric Olsen

    Nomar is just great – he isn’t superhuman like Jeter, nor does he have the freakish power numbers of A-Rod, who is the best hitting shortstop since Honus Wagner.

    It also seems like Nomar has been hurt more, which may be an indication of things to come. He isn’t as big and durable as the other two.

  • it’s impossible to say how these guys would have evolved had they started in different organizations, but:

    in my view, a-rod is clearly the best individual player. BUT i think his career suggests that he is too mercenary.

    1) i think he could have helped seattle to deal him, though they handled themselves masterfully. 2) he signed with texas. jeter and nomar were lucky in the sense that they ended up on marquee clubs. a-rod? hmm, atlanta? dodgers? giants? i dunno, but his sense of history and self-respect should have pointed him to a proud team (i dont begrudge guys going to texas, but a-rod is an all-time player and should treat himself accordingly. 3) he insisted on a deal that SEVERELY impairs their flexibility. 4) he and his agent got cozy enough with hicks to help engineer the ridiculous chan ho park deal ($65m for a #2 starter with back problems during a weak market), which was bad baseball not to mention a conflict.

    anyway, he has what he deserves thus far: 252m, and three years of the baseball equivalent of michamalangelo painting houses. i hope he doesnt end up never getting to the series.

    of course, i sometimes overdo the team concept. i thought adding the helmet stripe to penn state’s helmet was unforgivably ostentatious.

    according to my fellowship of the miserable card, i cant actually state a preference for jeter (great d vs arizona AND that SICK toss that swung the oakland series in 01) based largely on his clutchitude, so i won’t state any.

    the sox have this and next year. after ’04 (cringe) pedro, nomar, varitek, lowe, and nixon are all free agents. they will need to reload.

  • A-rod. Now, there’s a tool. Talented, to be sure, but he’s a moneygrubbing so-and-so.

    I would agree that Nomar is neither a Jeter or Rodriguez in ability and stamina, but he plays with heart.

  • Cubbies and Minnesota both won the first game. Interesting …

  • Taloran

    I’d take the guy with the best batting average, myself. But then again, I’m a Red Sox fan, and therefore a Williams/Yaz fan. It follows that I’d be for the guy with the best average and OBP, ‘specially since he plays for Boston.

  • Eric Olsen

    Apart from my prejudices as an Indians fan, these three are just outrageously great, and with the addition of Omar, who doesn’t have the power or the consistent high averages of the others but who is even better defensively, this is the best time for shortstops in the history of the game.

  • Taloran

    Better than Jeter defensively? I respectfully disagree. I remember Jeter’s move in game six of the series two years ago… Centerfielder throws the ball to the 3rd baseman, Jeter leaps about 60 feet in the air to snag it, turns while airborne, and throws out the runner at home.

    It was as fine a play as the niftiest Peter Forsberg juke or Barry Sanders run.

  • “I’d take the guy with the best batting average”

    Spoken like a guy who hasn’t won since 1918.

    I went to Boston U and I used to love the Sox fans reactions when yankees fans would start chanting “1918” in Fenway during Yanks Sox series.

    Then the sox fans (desperate) would start chanting “yankees suck” which, while full of the necessary amounts of vitriole is totally stupid seeing as they have won so much.

    The best part as an Indians fan at those games was I was always looking for a way for both teams to lose. Maybe if the two teams shared a plane and it crashed into some mountains or something. (not really)

  • Note: I disagree with the notion that A-Rod suffers because he hits in a weaker lineup.

    The Red Sox, contrary to conception, have been more of a pitching team during Nomar’s career, this year notwithstanding–this year is not representative. Texas has had thunderous lineups but stinky pitching over the past three years, and A-Rod had some pretty good stickmates in Seattle (Edgar, Junior, Kojak–I mean Buhner, etc.).

    If only the Sox had their 98-01 bullpen to complement these guys…

  • a sox fan says: i would have to pick jeter over nomar as far as batting in the clutch goes….though nomar has better range at his position.

    hey E: where exactly did they put The Jake? i haven’t been back to cleveland in years but when i’ve seen stuff on the tube it looks like they just carved out a big chunk of downtown right were the east/west streets collide.

  • Eric Olsen

    Yep, it’s right in the middle of downtown at E 9th and Ontario – great stadium, great atmosphere. Even this year with the team in rebuild and attendance down, it still felt special.

  • Taloran

    re Craig’s comment 33:
    My baseball team hasn’t won since 1918, and my great-grandmother and grandmother went to their graves disappointed. My grandmother was still shocked by the Mo Vaughn trade the day before she died.

    However, I moved to Colorado the day after graduating from high school 23 years ago, and my Broncos and Avs have done pretty well.

    I remain a Red Sox and Bruins fan (although the Avs are now “my” hockey team), never liked the Patsies, and couldn’t care less about basketball. I tried to be a Rockies fan for the first few years of their existence, but that’s even more hopeless than being a Red Sox fan. So, I’ll just bide my time, and hopefully won’t go to my grave with the Sox still pursuing that elusive World Series win.

  • I know that feeling. My favorite Sox fan got the call from the big bullpen in the sky during spring training, so this would be a weird year to win it.

    If they do, I bet lots of people will be bringing the sports section to cemetaries.

    Mo Vaughn was a free agent departure. Now Duquette, THERE’s a tool, but he was right in one sense: you don’t give a guy like that $80m, cool dude though he is. Of course, that would have been better than giving jose offerman $26m. It must have killed Mo to watch the Mighty Ducks win the WS.

  • Mo didn’t even notice the playoffs last year. He was too busy eating himself out of playing viability. Put down the damn sandwich, hit the treadmill, mix in a salad and start hitting again Mo.

  • The Theory

    lots of good discussion since I went to bed last night. Lesseee…

    Right now there are a LOT of outstanding shortstops out there. It’s probably the most prosperous postion out there. When I was an Indians fan in the mid-90’s I would have hands down said Omar Visquel. Sure, he only had a so so batting average, but he could play the position like no one else at the time. Now, he’s grown older and younger guys have started making their mark both with the glove and the bat.

    I am exceedingly happy that both the Cubbies and the Twins won yesterday, even if that shoots my prediction to hell. I’m a bigger fan of said teams than desiring the acclaimation of being a prophet should my predictions pan out 100% correct.

    Dave: Thank’s for the correction.

  • Uh oh, the Marlins upset San Fran … and could the Redsox come back from being down 0-2?

  • Eric Olsen

    Red Sox now tied at 2, Yankees going to win in 4, could still be Sox and Cubs in the Series.

  • It’s official – the redsox go onto the ALCS! Great comeback against the A’s.


    GO CUBS GO CUBS !!!!!!!

  • ClubhouseCancer

    As a dedicated fan, I must repectfully point out that Derek jeter is not a superior defensive shortstop. In fact, he’s way below average for a major-league shortstop. In fact, according to a lot of Sabremetrics, he’s the WORST regular shortstop in the majors.


    From everyday observance (I live in NY), I think he’s very limited in range and weak of arm, but adequate.
    He is valuable just because he CAN play the most difficult and important position (except catcher) at a basic level, and he’s a hell of an offensive force. But Nomar and A-Rod are much better afield.
    A-Rod, in fact, is the best defensive shortstop in the majors, as well as the best hitter, amazing though it is. A-Rod may turn out to be the best player ever to play the game someday.

    Jeter has also never been the best player on the Yankees (Soriano and Gimabi are currently the best, and Bernie’s been superior in the past), but he’s been the leader and emotional lynchpin almost since
    Day 1.

    But they will someday (soon) move him to third.

    Yanks in four, Florida in six.

    Theory, I too am a long-suphering Phillies phan, and I understand. Fire Bowa! They laid down like dogs.

  • Eric Olsen

    The possibility of one of the accursed teams finally seeing the sunlight of victory after many decades of shadow is now one step closer. If both the Cubs and Red Sox make the World Series, one of them HAS TO WIN.

  • if the cubs and sox make it into the series it will go to game seven.

    during game seven, an earthquake will cause a giant fissure in the earth to open up….swallowing the the entire stadium.

    (who still has not recovered from last night’s sox win)

  • The Theory

    Clubhouse- I saw your name under another thread and automatically thought of Rollen, but wasn’t sure if that was what you were aiming for. After seeing you’re a Phillies fan, I can only conclude that.

    However, I dissagree with your sentiment to fire Bowa. While I agree that the Phillies basicaly just laid down and died in the last week of the season, I can’t blame that on Bowa. I place the fault squarely on the shoulders of the team.

    And I doubt we’ll see a Cub’s/Red Sock’s World Series, but one can hope…

  • Mount Bowa could very well erupt and open up that fissure.

    Whatever happens from this moment forward, and as I said at the beginning I’d like to see the Red Sox and Cubs in the big showdown, I really, really do not want to see the Yankees win. They have been there so many times it just seems right to allow some other teams the chance to taste the glory. Heck, even the Marlins winning it all again would be fulfilling, because they were left for dead against San Fran.

    Also, I’m growing weary of seeing that commercial with Jeter and Steinbrenner. If only TiVO could fast forward in real time past that badboy.

  • The Theory

    I know… that commercial can suck it for all I care. Not only is it not amusing, but neither Jeter or Steinbrenner can act.

    I’d rather the Yankees win than Florida. Mainly because I cannot forgive Florida for somehow getting good and becoming a nusance in the NL East.

    I think, however, that I probably wouldn’t pay much attention to the WS if it was between the Yanks and Florida. Thats just a lose lose situation.

  • Eric Olsen

    That really would such shriveled Steinbrenners.

  • Taloran

    Sox and Cubbies in the Series would be the greatest thing ever to happen in sport. While I am a lifelong Red Sox fan, even I couldn’t get too depressed if the Sox lost it in seven.

  • It’s too bad the Cubs imploded 🙁 Hopefully the Red Sox will pull it out in Game 7!

  • Go Sox! Regardless of what happens now, I commend them for gutting out Game 6. That stunning Cubs loss was even worse than 1984 but similar–major choke to sunbelt, nontraditional team. And if you think the Jeter-George commercial is hard to take, did you see the Don Zimmer Preparation H ad? Yeesh.

  • I hope the 5’9″ thug gets his ass handed to him. Because he doesn’t have to bat, here’s to a Giambi line drive back through his scrawny ass. I hate the yankees so much, but with the cowboy-up cliche, classless, cowering bastards from the Red Sox showing how large a group of ass munches they can be, it makes Jeter and the Boss look downright likable. F the Red Sox, F the Yankees and for tonight… sigh… go Yankees.

  • even don zimmer has admitted that he was wrong to charge pedro. clemens is just as much of a thug as pedro. difference: the red sox didnt gang up on any yankee stadium personnel and commit a criminal battery, like the yankees did on saturday (they put a special ed teacher in the hospital). you’re fact-challenged and bitter.

  • every great hall of fame pitcher has pitched inside. it’s just a baseball fact of life.

    neither pedro nor clemens is any more thuggish than was, say, drysdale.

  • by the way craig, did you see the horrific injury suffered by sox pitcher b. fordyce(?) against the yankees back in 99 or 00 at fenway when a line drive shattered the guy’s face and he sat on the mound soaked in blood?

    thanks for hoping it happens again.

  • Bryce Florie….it was ugly:

  • oops! i guess we can’t post images in comments?

    here’s a link to an article by Rob Dibble about Florie’s injury.

  • Pitching inside is a lot different than getting knocked around the park a bit and then throwing at a player’s head as Pedro did to Karim Garcia. This isn’t absolution for Roger Clemens who is also a thug, but that isn’t the point. Clemens did nothing wrong in the game in question.

    And yes I did see the injury to Bryce Florie and he didn’t deserve it. A guy like Pedro who goes after a player’s head because he gave up some hits is a little different. Ok, you got me. Nobody actually deserves this. My point was that the AMERICAN LEAGUE PITCHER DOESN’T HAVE TO STAND IN AND FACE THE MUSIC AFTER THROWING AT SOMEONE. I don’t actually want anyone to get hit. Duh.

    I never said I was condoning anything that the Yankees did. I had to pick the lesser of two evils and I can’t believe I found a team that is more evil than the yankees in my opinion.

    So anyway, your claim of fact-challenged is utter trash.

  • The Theory

    the american league in general is trash.

  • them’s fightin’ words!!

  • Baseball is played in the National League and Softball is played in the American League.

    And I am an Indians fan.

  • my claim may be trash, but i see it got you to correct most of your more outrageous statements, so it was effective trash.

    i guess the yankees beating up a groundskeeper and zimmer’s admission of fault didnt register.

    i sense residual ’99 bitterness.

  • “my claim may be trash, but i see it got you to correct most of your more outrageous statements, so it was effective trash.”

    I didn’t correct them, just merely interpreted them for you.

    “i guess the yankees beating up a groundskeeper and zimmer’s admission of fault didnt register.”

    IT REGISTERED! Zimmer’s thing never would have happened though, if Pedro wasn’t such a bastard who threw at one guy’s head, and then threatened to throw at Posada next merely because he was incapable of getting a couple Yankees out in prior at-bats. Throw a few good pitches, not at someone’s head. Throw inside for greater success, but don’t claim to be throwing inside while actually throwing at a dude’s head and expect me to not know the difference.

    This is so typical of Red Sox nation. WEEI radio is entertaining in Boston because you people are so ridiculous.

  • i have again succeeded in getting you to adjust your arguments to include several admissions that thoroughly undermine your position and that you intentionally omitted earlier, and your best response is to accuse me of listening to WEEI? you’re the ridiculous and factually challenged one.

    the fact that your original statements were apparently far enough away from their plain meaning that you had to reinterpret them is revealing. i saw no reason to infer that you didn’t actually want pedro to get hurt, no hint of hyperbole.

  • Your density is astounding.

    Did I say that YOU listen to WEEI or was it commentary on Red Sox Nation?

    Do you need me to hold your hand?
    It’s a group of words called a sentence. Sometimes what is said literally isn’t meant figuratively.

    Good luck!

  • actually, at my last physical, the weight taker had to slide the thing over about 25 pounds from her guess at my weight, suggesting that i am in fact fairly dense, in the LITERAL sense, so yes, my density might be astounding.

    when you responded with “you people” and “weei” i think it was reasonable to assume that i was one of the “you people” and hence permitted to respond on behalf of all of us.

    “Here. It’s a group of words called a sentence.”

    actually, “here” is a single word that would better be considered a fragment.

    “Do you need me to hold your hand?”

    tempting though the offer maybe, i’m going to have to decline. i just dont think of you that way.

  • It’s over, Marlins in 6. Josh Beckett was incredible tonight. I am happy that the Yankees didn’t win and the Marlins did, but I still would have rather seen the cubbies or Red Sox in it.

  • Eric Olsen

    TD, me too, but it was sweet to see the Yankees tank!! And this particular Marlins team proved to be outrageous overachievers and that’s hard not to like. Beckett is a total stud.

  • I am an American League baby, so I am always happiest when that league takes the World Series crown. But I am also a Baltimorean and an Orioles fanatic, and we hate hate HATE the Yankees. So, way to go Marlins!

  • Wonder how long it will be before Steinbrenner has a total meltdown.