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MLB Playoff Notes 2007: Day 2

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So, are we at the point where we can expect a Diamondbacks-Rockies National League Championship series?

There were a couple of defining moments from the second day of baseball’s playoffs

  • The first came when Phillies manager Charlie Manuel pulled his starting pitcher, Kyle Kendrick, with a lead in the third inning with the bases loaded and two out. Manuel brought in would-be game 4 starter Kyle Lohse, who pitched for the Reds this season. That should have set off alarms in everyone’s head. Anyway, Kaz Matsui hit his first career grand slam, and the Phillies never recovered. The fact that Manuel went to the bullpen is understandable, because Kendrick was struggling. But going with Lohse, a former Red, was probably the wrong decision. I am a recovering Reds fan, by the way. In the end, the Rockies pulled away with a 10-5 win and a 2-0 advantage. It’s hard to believe, but it appears the Rockies are superior in pitching, so it will be difficult for the Phils to rally.


  • The day’s other defining moment came when the Cubs (who some people actually think will make the World Series) lost an early lead against the Diamondbacks. If the Cubs had one advantage in this series, it’s that they have a swagger to them. That can be a big asset against a young team. But the Cubs forfeited their swagger in the second, when rookie Chris Young hit a 3-run homer. Upon giving it up, Cubs’ starter Ted Lilly spiked his glove in frustration. The momentum shifted permanently to Arizona, who won, 8-4. That spike may become the symbol of another Chicago disappointment.


  • Oh, right, the Indians beat the Yankees. Here’s the deal. I’m from the Cleveland area. So I have come to the conclusion that you have to set expectations ridiculously low so as not to be disappointed in the end. The Indians destroyed the Yankees, but until the Indians win this series, Cleveland fans won’t be able to relax. Forty-four years without a championship can do that. The Yankees can come back, something the announcers will no doubt remind us 800 times in Friday’s game.

(Did anyone notice that TBS is really pushing that Frank Caliendo show? Like, really, really pushing it? I can appreciate a good impression as much as anyone. Having said that, if I started to get annoyed at the repetitive 30-second spots, what are the odds a 30-minute show won’t get annoying? Then again, I’m hardly an indicator of what’s good on television. I’m still wondering why they canceled The Job.)

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