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Mix Disc #45

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  1. Elliptical “Focus On Charles” – I need to stop starting my mix discs with Elliptical. I don’t know why it’s working out that way, since the track order is supposed to be randomized (see here) but it’s just weird. Thier stuff is great, but I don’t need an Elliptical song to start EVERY mix disc I make. This one is longer than “Peggy And Julie” and I like it almost as much as “Liquid Body Punch,” uptempo, with some interesting effects mised in (LOVE the acoustic guitar mix at the end…)

  2. Megadeth “Almost Honest (Danny Saber Mix)” – I don’t know why I didn’t have this on a previous disc, since I love this song. It was originally released on the Mortal Kombat Annihilation Soundtrack. It is an incredible mix of a decent song. I like this mix better than the original. The lead and most of the rythm guitar were left alone, but the bass line and drumming have been altered significantly. Danny Saber added electronics to the rythm tracks and upped the treble sound of the cymbals as well as electronically highlighting some of the vocals. All in all, a wild treatment of a song I wasn’t that impressed with in it’s original form. Saber rules. Also check out Chuck D’s “Generation Wrekked (Danny Saber Rock Remix).”
  3. Micronaut “Northern Style Kung II (Drunken Master Remix)” – Chris Randall’s (Sister Machine Gun) side project. This is a remix of “Northern Style Kung Fu.” It is a pretty good, if a tad monotnous retreading of a song I like anyway. I’m not positive what the changes are, but it does sound different than the original. I love SMG, I like Micronaut and I absolutely adore the Positron Records internet indie label philosophy. Support and check out all of the bands on Positron. If you like electronica (industrial, techno, house, ect), I almost guarantee you’ll find something there that you like.
  4. Dragonland “Storming Across Heaven” – I found this band by accident. I was searching for DragonHeart (now DragonForce) and picked a song up in error. I actually liked it and found some more stuff by them. They are another progressive power metal band. This song is pretty good with some decent guitar work and good vocals. Too long though.
  5. Randy Edelman “The World Of The Heart – Main Title” – Another one I found by accident in a search for DragonHeart. This is actually the main title theme to BraveHeart, the movie. It is a well done classically inspired movie theme, with full orchestra and the like. It’s an enjoyable song and I like listening to it.
  6. A New Hope “Some May Fall” – This is a Rhode Island band I found via Sheila Lennon’s link to Projo.com local band spotlight. Good hardcore song. This band comes across pretty well in the recorded format, but I NEED to check them out live. This song has a vibe and energy that I believe will translate best live. I like the song quite a bit.
  7. The Ataris “Summer Wind Was Always Our Song” – Pop-punk at thier best. I like The Ataris. Thier lyrics and songs are simply fun. Not a stellar musical band, but the songs are good enough to be fun. I love his voice.
  8. Sir Mix-A-Lot “Sprung on the Cat” – Another track by the Mack Daddy himself.
  9. Minutemen “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” – I’ve liked this band for a long time. I was heavily into some of the early ’80’s punk bands like The Minutemen, Black Flag, Chelsea, The U.K. Subs, Flipper, Minor Threat and more. The list goes on, but to me the songs have longetivity and I always end up going back to them. This is a typical Minutemen song, fast, furious and short. Sweeeeeet!
  10. Subzone “Somewhat Forgotten” – This is another band I found somewhere on the internet. I can’t remember exactly where, it may have been Napster, but I liked them. I haven’t been able to find much by them or find a CD to buy, but I’m still looking. Ambientish industrial with a super low tuning. I like music with strong bass.
  11. Wayne Watson “Watercolour Ponies” – This one was recommended by Wylie, after reading my post about “Butterfly Kisses.” His recommendation was right on target. This is a GREAT song. I am a sentimental sap over mushy family oriented lyrics. The music is mellow acoustic guitar stuff, but fits right into the mood. Great song. Watson gained a fan when Wylie recommended him. (and it’s one of my daughter’s favorite songs now! She’s been requesting it every morning on the way to school…)
  12. Cynthia’s Celtic Music “The Ashgrove” – I like her work. This is an ok piano instrumental, nothing awe-inspiring.
  13. Waylon Jennings “Good Ol’ Boys” – Who doesn’t remember The Dukes Of Hazzard? Eric recently had a discussion of Waylon Jennings and it sparked the memory of playing the 45 of this song over and over and over and over again. I never get sick of this song. “Someday the mountain might get ’em, but the law never will..”
  14. Whitesnake “We Wish You Well” – When I did my review of Live… In The Heart Of The City, I noticed (yet again…) that this was the one missing link from that otherwise perfect Whitesnake live set. This is the perfect show-ender. A mellow piano ballad with stirring good-night type lyrics, this is an incredible song.
  15. Danger Danger “One Step From Paradise” – Aaaaahhhh, ’80’s hair bands. I saw these guys at the old Rocky Point Amusement park before they even released anything. They were a pretty good party/hair band. They caught the train late, though and never quite hit the level of Poison or Dokken. I don’t know what happened to them, but I like a few of thier songs enough to include them here. This is a sappy piano centered hair-band ballad.
  16. Tumblin’ Sneakers “The Secret World of Charles Kuralt” – Glenn Reynolds mentioned this song in his post about Mp3. Check out the lyrics. Cool Tune.
  17. Frontline “War Machine” – Another Rhode Island band from Projo.com local bands spotlight. Very punkish with thrashy stylings. The recording would benefit from some production. This is obviously either a demo version or a self-produced Mp3 track. The singer sounds like Sid Vicious and the music sounds like old Motörhead which makes for an interesting mix. This is another band I need to check out live.
  18. Love/Hate “Sweet Child o’ Mine (Ex-Voto Remix)” – For the most part, this song annoys me, since I heard it SOOOO many times when it was a big hit. HOWEVER, this mix is killer! They even trimmed off that annoying guitar intro that makes me cringe (they do mix it back into the song, but it’s not quite as annoying that way). This version sure beats the hell out of seeing Axl destroying it on MTV….
  19. Rob Tognoni Power Blues Rock “Sugar Coat” – Another Mp3.com find (there is only one song there now, though and this isn’t one of them). A tasty blues rock tune with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Nice.
  20. Eazy E “Louisville Slugger” – I simply dig N.W.A. and all of the various spinoffs. This isn’t his best, but it’s fairly good anyway. Really strange intro.
  21. Madden 2001 “Leave ‘Em In The Dirt” – I was so addicted to Madden 2001 for a while that I actually downloaded the Mp3’s of the theme songs. When I snapped the cycle of addiction, the songs sat for a while but I’m bringing them out now. This one is okay, but not stellar. I’d rather have the Xzibit track.
  22. D.R.I. “Paying to Play” – Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, the first crossover metal/harcore/punk band. They are still together and I believe releasing some tunes once in a blue moon. This is an early song. HEEEEEEAAAVY!

Overall, a pretty good disc. A few real gems hidden on here and a few pretty good songs. I’ve been lucky lately and haven’t gotten any real stinkers. I only post these reviews in the hope that someone finds ONE song out of all of them. Enjoy them, I do.

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