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Mix Disc #44

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  1. Elliptical “Peggy And Julie” – Yet another Eric Olsen track. Short, but sweet. There are some strange sounds in this one.
  2. Xzibit “The Mad In Game” – I don’t like Xzibit as a rule, but this song was drilled into my head when I was obsessed with Madden 2000 a while back.
  3. Cynthia’s Celtic Music “Greensleeves” – A pretty little piano ballad. Very soft with subtle cello and harp. Very nicely done.
  4. Souls At Zero “Cold” – I prefer these guys when they were called Wrathchild America. They jumped into the thrash metal game VERY late, when it was spiraling back into the underground. Pretty generic thrash tune, but it has a pretty good bass line.
  5. Sir Mix-a-Lot “Hip Hop Soldier” – I love almost anything by the guy who brought us “Baby Got Back” and “Monster Mack.” His voice is so unique and he is such a pig that it’s always enjoyable to listen to him. I’ve heard he’s just producing right now, but I’d love to hear some new stuff by him.
  6. Ugly Kid Joe “Cats In The Cradle” – One of the best songs they did, it didn’t get much attention because “I Hate Everything About You” was still getting played every 5 minutes. This song has always been a favorite of mine. The Ugly Kid Joe version is a little faster and more upbeat than the original.
  7. Barenaked Ladies “One Week (Pull’s Break Remix)” – Nice remix of a great song. I’m not a big fan of this band, but this song just gets me moving. This remix was done for an ESPN show, and it just rocks. Just enough of a techno backbeat and muted changes in the music, without totally distorting the song. Nice, very nice.
  8. Tyketto “Wings” – If I remember correctly, this was a fairly big radio hit back at the end of the glam-rock hair band days of the late ’80’s/early ’90’s. I like this song.
  9. Damn Nation “Conspiracy!” – Parody rap. Nice tune, with a slammin’ beat. Needs a DJ cutting up the music though.
  10. Dark Army “Stop Suffering” – I like this band quite a bit. Industrio-Metal stuff with a nice beat.
  11. The True Hustlers “Godfather-Sopranos-Goodfellas Techno Mix” – I am a super fan of the movies and show. Found this one on audiogalaxy some time ago (when they still allowed downloading) when I was looking for the Sopranos theme song. Pretty good techno mix with some of the best lines from the movies and shows spliced in there. Nice.
  12. Drain S.T.H. “Ace Of Spades” – To be honest, this band annoys the hell out of me. However, this is one of my favorite songs ever, so I pulled this one off the disc when I borrowed it from a friend of mine. It’s much slower than the Motörhead version, and her voice doesn’t have nearly the effect of Lemmy’s, but it’s still solidly done and enjoyable.
  13. Techno()angeL “Tablez” – An okay techno song. It has a good beat and some interesting flavor, but nothing incredibly unique. I found this band on Mp3.com and downloaded a bunch of thier stuff. I’m not all that impressed by the songs I’ve heard thus far. This song apparently isn’t on the Mp3.com site anymore, but there are others at the above link.
  14. Sister Machine Gun “Automaton” – Great industrial band. Nice guitar work and just enough electronics to add flavor. I love his voice too. I can’t say enough good things about this band.
  15. Digital Underground “Oregano Flow” – It’s Digital Underground again. Yes, I like these guys. This song isn’t one of my favorites, but it’s pretty good. Tupac is on this one, which makes it worth listening to.
  16. Blind Guardian “Banish From Sanctuary” – One of the tracks I had from Mp3.com. I downloaded all of them there at one point, to sample the band with the intention of making a disc. I did make the disc, but I had too many songs for one CD and not even close enough for two. I am sticking the extras on my mix discs until they are all on CD. I love this band, simply love them. The singer has incredible range and each of the musicians are standouts for their particular instruments and the songwriting is indescribeable. It’s hard to describe in mere words how good they are, you need to hear this band. DO NOT wait to check them out, they simply ROCK.
  17. Intermix “Black Hole Amizon” – One of the many projects of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly and Delerium fame. Nice song, I like it a whole lot better than the Techno()Angel song above. Very mellow with an ambient flavor. Worth listening to.
  18. Seanchai “El 104” – This is a rough mix off the new CD, which was supposed to be out in late August. I don’t think it’s out yet. Pretty good song, GREAT singing. Rachel has an incredible voice and I just love the concept of an Irish Hip-Hop band. Nice steel flute work too.
  19. The Offspring “Amazed” – Typical Offspring song. Post-modern punk sound. Nothing standoutish about it.

For an explanation of the method to this kind of mix-disc madness, check here. It may not make sense, but it works for me.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Jim – very weird and cool – appreciate the Elliptical. We have a show next week and i will be sure to burn CDs and finally get them to you.