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Mitt Romney May Be a Centrist; He Appears a Hawk

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International relations and defense play an important role within Mitt Romney’s campaign for the 2012 Presidency. He has courted support from the Heritage Foundation, which derives much income, in the form of donations, from well-known conservative broadcasters Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

(This particular speech dates back to min-2009. I allude to it, because it is heavy-handed. Mitt Romney was criticized for reversals regarding Viet Nam, as will be expanded upon later in this article, and may have exhausted his allotment.) Romney in a speech before the Heritage Foundation in early June of 2009, one of the few speaking engagements he has had since 2007, demonized China, Russia, and several other nations, characterizing them as competitors with America, and demanding that this nation dramatically increase its military spending, chiefly on new, bigger and better missile defense systems to counter the developing threat. He says that a soldier in China costs a fraction of what it costs us. The same is true for the cost of building submarines, artillery pieces, tanks, and other military platforms.  Romney says it would be a “serious error” to underinvest in our capability to prevent or prevail in wars of the future. Romney says, “As China becomes stronger, China will be more tempted to achieve natural ambitions through aggressive tactics.” China, Romney insists would exclude American naval and air assets from the Straits of Taiwan. China has bought killer missiles from Russia. China, he concludes, has the most active ballistic missile program in the world, with 150 new missiles every year. In addition, China, Romney says, is committed to cyber-warfare, and space-warfare. He asserts that China is developing Electromagnetic Pulse attack.

Also mentioned by Mitt Romney is Russia. He states the Russian strategy is based on authoritarianism, but unlike China, with might derived from industry, Russia’s might is derived from energy. They seek he says to control the energy of the world. He says they would fill their treasury, empty everyone else’s.

In reference to North Korea, he says these tyrants cannot be stopped by earnest words and furrowed brows. Strong bold action is the only effective deterrent.

He mentions Jihadists, whose intent is to collapse other visions, and to drag the world into medieval dictatorship.

As we know, the Heritage foundation spent large sums of money donated at the cry of Limbaugh, Hannity, and others to support Michael Mukasey for attorney general in 2008. Mukasey faced opposition owing to his refusal to condemn waterboarding. George W. Bush approached Heritage on Mukasey’s behalf. Mukasey was soon confirmed and became U.S. Attorney General. Special interests’ lobbying is big-business in Washington at this time.

 Mitt Romney is a follower of the Mormon Church, also called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He attended Brigham Young University. He spent, beginning in 1966, 30 months as a Mormon missionary, in France. His father also did missionary work. In October of 2006, while preparing for a Presidential run, Mitt Romney met with fifteen of the world’s leading evangelicals, including Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham and Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention. An article from Newsweek magazine mentioned that Romney was working “tirelessly” for the support of Christian conservatives.

Romney also attended Sanford College, where he was a Young Republican. He is a former CEO of Bain & Company, a management consulting firm, and the co-founder of Bain Capital. Bain works with companies to utilize their assets more effectively and to sustain greater and longer growth. They make decisions on strategy, organization, operations, technology, mergers, and acquisitions.

Republican Willard “Mitt” Romney was a one term Governor of Massachusetts; Romney contributed $6.3 million to his own campaign; a record at that time for a state election.

Mitt Romney was born March 12, 1947, in Detroit, Michigan, and is the son of Republican Presidential contender George Romney, who lost the Presidential nomination in 1968 to Richard Nixon. As stated, Mitt sought the Presidency in 2008. He served in the conflict in Viet Nam, returning in November of 1965. He spoke long and hard of his belief in the American involvement in Viet Nam. But later he reversed his position, calling the conflict “tragic” and denouncing his earlier belief that the war was morally right and necessary. Some believe the reversal of position may have cost Romney the election.

While campaigning for the 2008 Presidential office, Mitt Romney, a member of the National Rifle Association, indicated he supports the right to bear arms.

Romney felt at that time that illegal aliens should be mandated to carry U.S. Identification cards. They must begin the citizenship process, with no advantage because they are already in this country.

Romney supported the Invasion of Iraq and the hanging of Saddam Hussein. He said the invasion was “superbly executed.”

On Sunday, January 9, 2011, The Associated Press reported that Mitt Romney has completed a week-long visit to Afghanistan, where he met with both Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, and American General David Petraeus. We recall that in 2007 he spoke at the annual Herzliya Conference in Israel about the threat posed by Iran.

In a speech on September 17, 2010, Romney took a forceful stand regarding the administration of Barack Obama. He said the opening years of the Obama Presidency were an “abject failure” and that that period for the President amounted to “on the job training.” He said the President, instead of focusing on jobs and the economy used crises’ to push his liberal agenda. He said America is tired of an administration that exploited the economic crisis instead of solving it.

On the matter of education, Mitt Romney has stated a number of principles on which he stands. He would abolish the federal Department of Education. He say’s schools can teach family values, but not religion or prayer. On the environment, Romney would allow the states to set emission standards. On Free Trade, he would re-negotiate trade deals with China and other countries. Romney says trade negotiations should be made by businesspeople, not politicians.

As the National elections of 2012 draw closer, in coming months, we will be able to look further into the views of this highly regarded candidate who at this point is seen by many as the leading contending Republican.

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  • I think that at this point the one thing which is certain is that if Romney gets the nomination that will be the end of the GOP as we know it and probably the touching off point for the first major third party in 100 years.


  • Jed

    Mitt 2012!

  • Dandini


    Half of MA loves what Romney did, the other half hate him, maybe because he left after completing only one term. Maybe he is not a “career” politician and maybe we don’t need a “career” politician to run the country…

    Yes, he worked as the MA governor for his entire term for FREE!!! Who else would have done that!?

    MA had a huge deficit when he started, and he left MA with a surplus and balanced budget without raising taxes at the end of his term. He can’t help it if the government screwed up after he left.

    He compromised on some things in order to keep the state government working together and moving forward.

    He has successfully and profitably managed large businesses, helped turn around large companies that were sinking and helped other companies get started, saving and creating thousands of jobs. What other candidate has done that???

    He knows and understands world economics.

    He turned around a struggling 2002 Winter Olympics and made it into one of the most profitable Olympics in history. And only took a $1 dollar salary. Who else would have done that!?

    He is against federalization and big government. Believes in State’s rights!

    He lives the example and believes in the importance of family.

    He is for a strong military and believes the borders should be better protected.

    The list of real positives is far greater than the supposed list of negatives.

  • Kyle

    I must be the only one that thinks that while the health care system that Romney passed in Massachusetts will hurt him, it wont hurt him to the tune everyone else seems to think.

    First, Romney vetoed ALL, not some, not a little, not 1…ALL of the things that everyone is complaining about with the Massachusetts Health Care System. It’s the Democrats…again…that have screwed up Massachusetts Health Care. The democrats in Washington didn’t follow Romney’s plan, they followed their own plan…copying the Massachusetts Democrat plan.

    Second, as long as Romney, when he announces his candidacy for president, signs an agreement with the American people that if elected he would NOT put forth any plan, like the democrats in Massachusetts and Washington have, for health care…and that if a repeal bill of the current Health Care Legislation were to get to his desk, he would sign it…then I don’t think the Health care issue hurts him.

    Having run for office my self, as a Republican with Tea Party support, I can say that if a candidate signs a document promising not to do, or to do, something, the voters do support that, but they will at least be more comfortable with the candidate because they have a solid document in their hands to hold the candidate to.

    Third, the health care system in Massachusetts, and Romney’s involvement in it, is a vetted issue. It’s clearly starting to get on everyone’s, including the republican bases, nerves. I heard a fellow conservative republican friend of mine the other day tell me that he is tired of hearing about the health care system in Massachusetts. He said, “Who cares what Massachusetts does, we got to get the federal one repealed first and foremost.”

    All indications are that Romney would never do anything like the Massachusetts Health Care System on the federal level. He has repeatedly called for the Federal Health Care Legislation’s repeal, and before that he was adamantly opposed to its passage.
    The reason, I think, that everyone hits Romney on health care, is because they know that that is all that they have to hit him on. If they tried to hit him on economic matters, they look like fools. If they tried to hit him on foreign policy matters, they may make some head way at first, but he is very diplomatic, and his trip to the Middle East, with Condi Rice and Colin Powell’s second in command’s, shows that he knows how to bring the best people together to educate him, and/or help him fix a problem.
    Finally, once your past health care, what candidate on the Republican side or Democrat side knows even a 1000th of what Romney does, when it comes to fixing bad businesses, i.e., the American Economy? The answer…not 1.

    It’s time for Romney to be the nominee in 2012.

  • Clavos

    Keep your eyes on this guy…

  • Pamula

    Romney demonized Russia? Why? The Romney family has been deeply in bed with a Moscow owned company, as well as several of Mitt’s close friends and money backers from his 2008 GOP run for POTUS advisers.

    Romney is more than a hawk, he is down right scary!

    On 8-19-2010 on Alex Jones, Joel Skousen gives a side ways endorsement for Romney for president, saying Romney is NOT A KNOWN conspirator. (Romney may be THE conspirator however, “not known” are the key words). Joel stated “they” want a Republican for the BIG WAR coming up. “They” are setting up a back lash against Obama. Joel feels if “they” (this they must be social conservatives) run Palin “they” (the globalist?) will keep Obama for another four years. (Don’t you feel yourself getting set up with what Joel has to say next? If not you should)

    Joel stated, “Romney was a non-conspirator, Mitt Romney is not a known* conspirator, he (Romney) would be like Reagan and see too much, and “they” don’t have much dirt on him (Romney).” No Dirt on Romney? Not true, there is plenty of dirt on the Romney’s, only the public is unaware.

    Romney had Cofer Black on his last presidential committee in 2008. Cofer Black brought in Mitchell and Jessen into the CIA and set up the enhanced torture program, and intimidated CIA agents who disapproved of the enhanced torture program. Mitchell and Jessen are also Mormons. People are not putting the dots together.

    Romney sounds like the ‘war monger’ president to me, which is needed for that big war Joel mentioned. Romney is close to Mike Rogers Congressman from Michigan who is behind the wiretapping’s, which were declared illegal a few years back. Rogers is in the running for the head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee currently. (Update: Mike Rogers was appointed head of the Congressional Intelligence Committee, an LA Times article stated Rogers purpose is to shut down the Justice Department investigations of the Tortures – Mitchell and Jessen’s torture program supported by Mitt Romney)

    It was interesting; Joel mentioned N. Korea will be used as the catalyst for the next big war on 08/19/2010. N. Korea is close to Russia. The Russians built North Korea’s nuclear reactor, most of the nuclear technology comes from Russia, most of N. Korea’s missiles are based off Russian designs, and people highly connected* with high level Russians would know, or have influence on what N. Korea is going to do, or have influence over actions taken by N. Korea.

    “Mitt Romney has a lot of money behind him to put himself back in”, Joel stated. Romney sure does Joel. The money is coming from Salt Lake City, by buckets, and the Romney’s have STRONG ties to Alex Itkin president of Kairos International Development. Mr. Itkin is a former high level soviet. Alex Itkin Served on the Inauguration Committee for President Bush, also held a position on a GOP Congressional Committee.

    Wonder how Mr. Itkin got tied up with Bush? Alex Itkin has long ties to the Romney family. Mitt Romney, as people know was just endorsed by the Bush’s for the next president in 2012. Bush’s and the Romney family are long time friends—like Karl Rove. Rove was groomed by Utah Senator Bob Bennett and Rove is a Romney backer – getting the picture here?

    Oleg Ivanivich Lobov is on the board at Kairos. Lobov is tied to the Serin attack on Japan, he is a high level Russian with ties to the former KGB and current FSB etc. Russia supplied attack helicopters, small arms and Ebola Virus for a second and more devastating attack on Japan.

    Ask Joel Skousen about this, one of Joel’s relatives is deeply involved and Joel knows about it — and has for years!
    The Romney family is deeply involved in this and look at the people who are also involved in Kairos Development International!!

    There are two Mormons, SAMUEL SKOUSEN New Hudson, Michigan and Don Bolieau on the board of Karios Development International, along with high level former soviets, and there are many more former high level soviets involved not listed on the company’s web pages.

    Samuel SKOUSEN has a long, long connection to Kairos Development International, Don Bolieau has been brought in within the past decade.

    Kairos International Development is now working extensively in Africa for Gazprom. SAMUEL J. SKOUSEN, aka Sam Skousen, is working with Itkin on the Nigeria project, and is also on the board at Kairos, along with the following individuals listed below, Mr. Skousen’s association with Mr. Itkin is very close and SKOUSEN has served as advisor, as well as once listed as VP of Kairos Development International:

    Oleg Ivanivich Lobov – linked to serin attack in Japan, his bio below:
    Education: Ph.D in Civil Engineering
    Honors: Honorary Builder of Russia, Honorary Academician of several Russian and foreign Academies.

    1997-pres. Association of International Cooperation, Chairman.
    1987-1997 Deputy Prime Minister of Russia;
    Minister of Economy of Russia;
    Secretary of the Security Council of Russia;
    Special Presidential Envoy in Chechnya.

    Next on the board-
    Pyotr Ivanovich Radionov
    Education: Ph.D. in Economics
    MS Civil Engineering from Leningrad Politechnical Institute
    2002 – pres. “SEVERNEFTGASDOBICHA”, President
    1997-2002 “GASPROM”, First Deputy Chairman
    1996-1997 Minister of Energy of Russia

  • Mcsteven

    So your big “conspiracy theory” is that he’s a Mormon taking over the country!?? Haha wow. You are mentally disturbed. That’s hilarious… Don’t quit your day job.

  • poyman

    I kind of get a kick out of the people who want to go after Romney for the MA Health Plan that was put into place during the period that he was the Governor there…. However, I am betting that not too many people know:

    1) The plan was written and supported by the MA electorate as a “Reformist Solution” to spiralling budget demands from the state to cover uninsured medical service users…. It had become the single highest cost issue for the use of Tax revenues on a percentage basis and the Legislature and Governor began development of the plan to try and reduce this cost demand…

    2) Romney hired consultants from the Heritage Foundation (an ultra Conservative Group) to write the Legislation…

    3) The Legislation was adopted with several amendments… Most all of the amendments were vetoed by Romney, but an 85% Democratic makeup of the Legislature over-rode most of the vetoes…

    4) Romney was able to hang on to a few pieces in the legislation that he felt were critical…. A) There would not be any Public Option and it would be Privatized… (meaning everyone would be responsible for buying their own and managing their own program)… and, B) it would be mandatory and all who could afford it would have to pay for their own…

    It seems that the Mandatory requirement is the issue that causes some Republicans nationwide the most grief and that is sad because in my opinion their position is far closer to being Socialistic than those who support the Mandatory Purchase of Heath Care… If you don’t think that you should be required to buy Insurance, then you must believe by default that it is everyone elses responsibility to pay for your’s and your family’s medical care… I say this because there is a law that was passed during the Reagan Era that many of you may not know about which requires all Medical Entities to provide needed care to a patient whether they are insured or not…. So someone has to pay…. I personally believe it should be the folks that actually use the service, not the people who have the maturity and demonstrated responsibility of buying their own insurance… Gosh what a concept… “Pay your own way”…

    Now, about Romney and Obama Care… Romney will be the first one to tell you that they probably could have done things a little better or different in hindsight, and he would also be the first to say that this is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution…. He believes in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution which essentually makes these types of things something that the the individual states can and should deal with…. NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Romney is supportive of a full Repeal and would lead the charge if he were President today.

    So, before y’all want to start hanging Romney for Romneycare, learn a little bit about it first…

  • elvis


  • Tagg

    Mcsteven — you are such a nut! Romney is interested in making money and doesn’t care where it comes from. Romneys owe their money to a foreign power which makes him unfit for the Oval Office.

    There is nothing intelligent about Romney, so there can be no intelligent posts on his behalf.

  • J Wyatt

    Anyone who says Mitt Romney isn’t intelligent is an ignoramus. Romney is wicked-smart. Anyone planning to vote in the presidential election for 2012 absolutely needs to read his book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness’. Rarely does an individual with Romney’s credentials, intellect, experience, and wisdom come along in American politics. He is EXACTLY what America needs.

  • Dave, you are way off on Romney. He is the single best choice for the GOP in 2012. He attracts moderates and conservatives of all stripes and stands the best chance to beat Obama in 2012.

  • BradR

    This article says that Mitt had a reversal about Vietnam – that was George Romney, Mitt’s dad. Mitt has had nothing to do with Vietnam.

    It’s hard to trust a source that can’t tell the difference between a generation.

  • Mitt Romney is a psychopath.

  • John Lake

    The commenter (#13) is correct. George Romney returned from Vietnam in November of 1965, and spoke long and hard of his belief. He later reversed, denouncing the earlier belief. Mitt Romney actually had a deferment from military service, although he did missionary work for the Mormons in France for 30 months beginning in 1966.

  • poyman

    @John Lake,

    I’m sorry to have to correct you but you are wrong on a couple of things….

    A) George Romney was supportive of our involvement in Viet Nam…. He then went and looked at the situation first hand and then at that point (not later) he recanted his position based on the facts that he learned from his visit… That change of position, along with Rockefeller’s decision to run for President are credited as the reasons that George Romney decided to pull out of the race… and he did it relatively early in the campaign.

    B) Romney has been in high demand on the GOP speakers tour for better than two years… In the last three months he has given well over 30 plus speeches and prior to that he had wall to wall engagements in helping GOP Candidates campaign for office for about three months, and prior to that he spent about two months on his new book tour “No Apologies”…

    I know that you’re a self proclaimed Liberal John, but even with that some of your facts are spotty in places.

  • So your big “conspiracy theory” is that he’s a Mormon taking over the country!??

    How is that a conspiracy theory? If Romney wins the presidency, he will be a Mormon taking over the country…

  • Baronius

    “Romney has been in high demand on the GOP speakers tour for better than two years”

    It has really surprised me that Romney hasn’t been more high-profile in the last two years. Huckabee and (obviously) Palin have gotten their names out a lot. The lower-profile 2012 potentials haven’t increased their name recognition, but I’m sure they would have if they had the chance. Mitt hasn’t used the past two years well.

  • Cannonshop

    #17 Even if he were elected, Doc, I don’t think he’d have that much influence. He would not, for instance, likely possess enough influence to override a balky supreme court via the Congress (a provision that IS in the constitution), nor to dictate budgets, and I doubt his soapbox would be any more potent than, say, Barry Obama’s or Jimmy Carter’s.

    Romney’s status (or lack thereof) on the hill would work rather well to limit his ability to get too radical-minus a 9/11 scale event, though his being from a mainstream cult might work to encourage the bigots in Congress to get the PATRIOT act repealed-especially with more circulation of Krazy Konspiracy material among both the Left, and the evangelical, TeeVee Preacher, right.

  • Jim

    Romney might as well forget the nomination, he was for Obamacare before it was Obamacare, look what he did in Massachusetts. He definitely has left leanings, He is a RINO.

  • John Lake

    I find it hard to understand. As Chinese President Hu and our Barack Obama are having fruitful, productive meetings, some are still calling China an enemy.
    “The Chinese are not friends, but enemies, and that they do not understand niceness,” Trump said in CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.
    Donald Trump the very whealthy tycoon has indicated a possible run for President of the United States.

  • Trump is a greedy sleaze who proved “too big to fail” worked with other greedy sleazes back in the 80’s. He may be a tycoon, but in politics he is an Apprentice. He should have a chat with Meg Whitman.

  • Shirley Gallagher

    First i want to know what is “FreeStrongAmerica.com”, and who is involved.
    I know who is involved in “HeritageForAmerica.org. Charles and David Koch Industries is donors.
    Mitt Romney has made some comments thats untruth about President Obama and his Adminstration. You can’t win my vote like that or if you are involved with the Billionaires that donated huge sums to candidates in Nov.2 2010 election. Now these guys wants, Healthcare repeal,Financial repeal, and cuts Social Security,Medicare and Medicaid.

  • John Lake

    Mitt unfortunately is overly influenced by his party, and some right wing supporters. He seems to sway. By that I mean he lacks steadfastness.

  • Shirley Gallagher

    The participants in Aspen dined under the stars at the top of the gondola run on Aspen Mountain, and listened to Glenn Beck of Fox News in a session titled, “Is America on the Road to Serfdom?” (The title refers to a classic of Austrian economic thought that informs libertarian ideology, popularized by Mr. Beck on his show.)The participants included some of the nation’s wealthiest families and biggest names in finance: private equity and hedge fund executives like John Childs, Cliff Asness, Steve Schwarzman and Ken Griffin; Phil Anschutz, the entertainment and media mogul ranked by Forbes as the 34th-richest person in the country; Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway; Steve Bechtel of the giant construction firm; and Kenneth Langone of Home Depot.

    The group also included longtime Republican donors and officials, including Foster Friess, Fred Malek and former Attorney General Edwin Meese III.

    Participants listened to presentations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as well as people who played leading roles in John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, like Nancy Pfotenhauer and Annie Dickerson, who also runs a foundation for Paul Singer, a hedge fund executive who like the Kochs is active in promoting libertarian causes.

    To encourage new participants, Mr. Koch offers to waive the $1,500 registration fee. And he notes that previous guests have included Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court, Gov. Haley Barbour and Gov. Bobby Jindal, Senators Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn, and Representatives Mike Pence, Tom Price and Paul D. Ryan.

    Mr. Koch also notes the beautiful setting. But he advises against thinking of this as a vacation.

    “Our ultimate goal is not ‘fun in the sun,’ ” he concludes. “This is a gathering of doers who are willing to engage in the hard work necessary to advance our shared principles. Success in this endeavor

  • John Lake

    These wealthy contributors are more interested in finding sure-fire ways to invest money than in any of those star spangled notions our nation was founded upon.