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Pink is pissed. But in a good way.

Her album reminds me a little bit of “Jagged Little Pill” by Alanis. She even has a song “Just like a pill.” Homage? hard to say.

But where Alanis is introspective, Pink is in your face. Her songs say how she wants to have fun, and she does have fun. Songs like “Get the Party Started” really are lots of fun.

She’s punky, and in-your-face. I dig her.

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  • Wha?!?! Comparing Pink to Garbage? They are rather different from each other, no? I’d prefer Garbage anyday against anyone though.

  • She’s easily my favorite of the post-Britney angry-young-women pop stars: Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, even Alicia Keys. Stylistically she’s unbelievable, and there’s a punch to “Just Like a Pill” that’s undeniable–my wife’s female students are riveted by her. And yeah, “I’m Coming Out” was the best pop song of the year. I remember it coming out at the same time as singles from No Doubt and Garbage and thinking “Man, it’s weird she’s better than they are at this point.” (Although I always loathed No Doubt, they do come out with a decent song now and again, as their second single from their most recent record, “Hella Good,” demonstrated. But I’d still pick Pink.)

  • Well, you know, I’d had the album for a while. I was realizing that I enjoyed listening to it again and again.

    Her songs would stick in my head to.

    That seemed worthy of endorsement to me.

    So, even though it’s been out a while, I still like it. I think I’ll like it for a while.

  • I saw her on “Punk’d” recently. She’s a tough-looking girl. I think she’d kick my butt easily. On the music though, I actually think the whole album is pretty decent.

  • I was so sick of that song after the radio played it incessantly, MTV played it incessantly, and Bally’s played it incessantly. And that was about a year ago. Thanks for reopening the wound.

    But seriously, has she been up to anything lately? I haven’t heard any rumblings about her…

  • Bitman

    Is Pink really singing about her coming-out party?