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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol First Trailer Revealed

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Tom Cruise himself (in his very first Tweet ever) using his Twitter account posted the first trailer of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol a few hours ago after a French leaked trailer of the movie got online (and was later taken down) during the weekend. The domestic trailer will be attached to one of Paramount’s summer blockbusters, Transformers 3: The Other Side of the Moon, which opens Friday.

The trailer looks solid and AMAZING! With a new version of the Mission: Impossible tune paired up with a song by Pink & Eminem, we see the Kremlin exploding, Tom Wilkinson playing the big boss, an always ready for action Tom Cruise emboding Ethan Hunt to perfection, a new IMF team, Josh Holloway playing a sexy… baddie?, cars, explosions, fights and dangerous and completely mind blowing stunts such as Hunt’s climbing to the highest building of the world in Dubai. About the plot, something about the IMF team being all disavowed after being accused of a bombing and the possibility of being targered as terrorists for that, ouch!

Some questions I got after watching the trailer: In Mission: Impossible III, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) got married with Julia (Michelle Monaghan), but in this installment, where’s Ms. Monaghan? And how about Hunt’s looks? He’s sporting the same looks as in Mission: Impossible II. Does this mean that M:I – Ghost Protocol takes place before M:I3? Could be an option, we’ll see.

What we know for sure is that Brad Bird replaces J.J Abrams in the director’s chair and Abrams returns as a producer next to Cruise. The cast is stellar and really appealing. Partnering with Cruise, we could see Jeremy Renner, Lost’s Josh Holloway, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg (also seen in M:I3) and Ving Rhames (regular in the IMF team since the first installment of the franchise). Léa Seydoux (recently seen in Allen’s Midnight in Paris) and Michael Nyqvist play Hunt’s nemesis.

Shot using IMAX technology and with locations in Prague, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai and Vancouver, the movie will be released next December 16th 2011.


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