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Missing Commerce Department Computers and The Daily Music and Tech News

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U.S. Commerce Department Missing Laptops

Since 2001, the U.S. Commerce Department has lost more than 1,000 computers, some of them from the Census Bureau containing sensitive information such as social security numbers and data on personal income. This information was part of a report by the department done at the request of the House Committee on Government Reform. The committee has received information from 10 of the 17 departments they have asked. The Commerce Departments loss of computers has so far been the largest.

Supernova Change Name After Court Decision

The band from the reality show Rock Star: Supernova changed its name after a court decision in a lawsuit over copyright infringement by a band already named Supernova. The original band, best known for contributing the song “Chewbaca” to the film Clerks sued Tommy Lee, his bandmates, and the production company Mark Burnett Productions in June. The band will now be known as Rock Star Supernova.

Germany Looks To Update Hacker Laws

Proposed revisions to Germany’s hacking laws would make attacks against individuals illegal. Previously, only attacks against companies would be a crime. The proposed legislation would also raise the maximum punishment to 10 years imprisonment for the most serious crimes. Further proposals the controversial provision that would make it illegal to distribute or create “hacking tools”.

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