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Miss California, Perez Hilton, and the Double Standard

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I confess I did not see the Miss America Pageant. The uproar that followed has been difficult to miss, having been featured on Yahoo’s front page, Fox News, Larry King Live, and many other places.

Pageant judge and celebrity gossip blogger, Perez Hilton — after denying his vote to Miss California based on her response to his question that she is in favor of traditional marriage where marriage is defined as between a man and a woman — called Miss California “a stupid bitch” on his video blog.

My response to this is one of outrage, but not so much by what Hilton did. What baffles me is the double standard by which Hilton lives. Had Miss California responded in a similar fashion as Hilton — calling him names — the uproar would have been incredible.

Somehow the organizations that stand for a woman’s right for equality have overlooked this little fiasco. I checked the news sites of several organizations and have found no response to what Hilton did (to include him threatening to knock the tiara off her head). Had Miss California acted the way Hilton did, it would have had GLADD frothing at the mouth.

We should not be calling one another names or working overtime to be dehumanizing. This kind of behavior should be condemned regardless of who is perpetrating the behavior. Gloria Steinem, the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Feminist Majority Foundation have found themselves mute in the face of Hilton’s attack and threat of violence.

Maybe the feminists don’t take Hilton seriously and can pat his head while he throws his tantrum. Maybe the feminists have never heard of Perez Hilton. Or maybe the feminists have their own same sex marriage agenda and are willing to sacrifice one of their own to push their agenda. Whatever the reason, the silence is shocking.

It is not so much that Hilton called Miss California names and threatened violence. It is that the outcry would be devastating had Miss California or anyone else reacted to Perez in such a personal manner. Looking at the whole situation, I have to wonder who has the stronger conviction.

While I want to be angry with Hilton and those that support a radical, quasi-violent lifestyle (where threats of violence and degradation is used against those that do not comply with their point of view), I find I am more angry with the ones that are either too scared or too weak to do anything about this kind of abusive behavior. I have to wonder why such a double standard is allowed to exist in a country founded on freedoms of life and liberty. Hilton abused these fundamental freedoms.

It is a shame no one has come out in defense of Miss California in the same fashion Hilton would likely have received had he been on the receiving end of Miss California’s abusive rant. The point we are all overlooking is that this is about how we treat one another.

I am thankful Miss California had the courage to not only take a stand, but that she also did not retaliate in a fashion that would be demeaning, arrogant, or condescending. A pity Hilton is not paying attention to that. 

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  • rocket boy

    I think it’s funny! Miss California should have called Hilton a fag and a sausage puffer to his face. That would have been hilarious! And I think calling people names is definately appropriate! You go blonde bimbo! You go to hell stupid gay man.