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Misfits frontman to join Marines

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According to Totalrock the former lead singer of a seminal punk band is taking a rather radical change in profession.

Former Misfits frontman Michale Graves has signed up with the US Marines. He will begin training in January.

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    But we should of course keep in mind that Mr. Graves was not a member when this incredible group earned the title “seminal”. Mr. Glenn Danzig was the evil throat for these fiends when they established themselves as one of the greatest bands of all time. Unfortunately, Mr. Danzig was rejected from the Marines due to a shortness condition. Man, is that guy petite! He then, however, placed a satanic curse over the recruiting officer, turning him into a member of Haircut 100 (bassist if I remember correctly), before making himself invisible and returning to his fortress of solitude in Middle Valhalla.

    And in a related story, Sebastien Bach has joined the Salvation Army.

  • bob2112

    Danzig is joining the Marines? Oh, its the phony piece of shit wannabe guy, whateverhisnameis. Go die pig!