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Just got back from a free preview of Miracle, the story of the 1980 Olympic hockey team.

While I didn’t think the movie was too bad, the first 3/4 of it was more of a TV dramatization than anything else. Nothing spectacular, but it did a good job setting up the highlight of the film: the game against the Soviets.

They basically choreographed and filmed the whole thing in concert with Al Michael’s original call of the game. It really should explain the magic of that event to those too young to remember it.

That of course would not include me. I remember that game like it was yesterday. The Russians in their red uniforms, always in control, making incredible passes. The scrappy Americans, grinding out every diving save, every board-pounding hit. And Jim Craig’s amazing goal tending. Shot after shot after shot blocked. I’m going to watch out for a re-play of the game on ESPN Classic when this film is released!

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