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The term mining can refer to a number of different things:

1) The action of extracting ore, coal, gemstones, and other elements from a mine, this term can also refer to the process and industry involved in this action as well.

2) The placement of land or underwater mines which are explosive, and are intended to cause damage or deter individuals from a specific area.

The most common type of mining is done for ores which include precious metals like gold and silver. The desired elements may be manually removed from the earth, or chemicals or other methods may be used to cause the desired elements to be leached to the surface. The rise in precious metal prices, especially gold, over the last year has increased the interest in mining and owning these metals significantly.

Gold mines can be found all over the world, and these are of various sizes and depths. Large mines usually have heavy security because of the value of the ore and other elements recovered and the high risk of theft. Mining for gold can be dangerous for workers who go into mines, and this factor also affects the price of metals recovered using this method.

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