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Mini Q & A with Upcoming 2012 YA Debut Author AC Gaughen

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2012 is kicking off with the hottest Young Adult authors to hypnotize, tantalize and mesmerize your senses and leave you in a literary tailspin. It doesn’t matter how you get your lit fix — old school paper or new school reader, either way, next year’s reading list must include the empowering, beautiful and captivating Scarlet (Scar to her friends) and the fantabulous scribe who envisioned this juicy rendition of Robin Hood with a twist!

AC – see? How could she not be hella cool? – was gracious enough (and a bit nervous, I’d like to toss in) to take a few minutes to break the ice in an exclusive quick introduction.

Scarlet hits the shelves on February 14th 2012 from Bloomsbury/Walker. So, what’s it about? Scar poses as one of Robin Hood’s merry thieves to avoid the monstrous Thief Taker Lord Gisbourne, and she must keep her identity a secret. The only ones who know she is a fierce young woman and not a ruffian is the Hood himself and his brave group of followers.

Now, let’s get a sampling of AC’s world.

What are you working on now? (If you can give us a hint!)

Right now I’m working on something totally different from Scarlet; it’s a kind of literary, contemporary novel about a teen girl who is very into art and struggling to discover her voice.

Spiderman or Superman?

God, that’s hard! Spiderman. He’s so clever! Always with the witty lines.

Wonder Woman or Batgirl?

Batgirl, obviously!

Chunky or Smooth?

Peanut butter or men? Both smooth, I guess!

Favorite flavor ice cream?

Varies drastically every summer. Usually something with oreos in it, though I’m on a I-think-this-is-good-for-me-Pinkberry kick at the moment.

AC, thank you,this was fun. AC is all over the web, on goodreads, Scar’s facebook page, and the nightstand, so stop by and say hi. If I were you, I’d preorder Scarlet as soon as possible.

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