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It occurred to me recently with some pinhead in the USA saying how landmines were required to keep the peace between North and South Korea, essentially “fuck the rest of the world, we’re going to do whatever makes money”.

So, I was thinking that the NRA is rabidly insane, and while the best landmines are from Russia and China (best p/e ratio, y’know), what would it take to get the pinheads in the NRA to not only get behind landmines, but, start buying ‘murrican, and laying them in the USA?

In fact, make it a hobby, lay a landmine for Chris! (hey, you know those bible-bangers don’t read so good).

Lay landmines in Ohio around Cincinnati to keep that heathen Larry Flynt from rolling in.

Trailer parks? nevermind a tornado, just landmine them. That’ll teach ’em. Hollyweird? Just put landmines under the walk of fame, but not all of them, just some. Step on “Liberace“? Loose your leg! Step on “Donald O’Connor” forget that dance routine!

And forget escaping from New York. They had the right idea – mine the bridges.

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  • JR

    I think the more relevant Brunner book would be “The Jagged Orbit”.

  • Eric Olsen

    I thought you meant 7 Dwarfs mining, and a lot of that goes on as it is.

  • Yah, it’s prolly “Jagged Orbit”, it’s been a long time since I’ve read those Brunner dystopias (Coles Notes for people who’ve not read them, he takes a single great concern, The Arms War, Overpopulation, Pollution, and I forget what the other was — the internet? of course the internet didn’t exist, and ends the world. Of course, we have to deal with all of them iirc, anyways, one of his books had people doing terrorism as a hobby).