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Mind Tricks – Astrology In Real Life: Venus in Aries

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mars by johnVenus rules love. Aries is the God of War, not love. Put Venus in one of the Mars-ruled signs and it starts to cook. It gets hot. Mars likes to fight. Venus in Aries makes war of love and love of war. My sister, a Pisces, has Venus in Aries…

One day, her husband answered a knock at the door of their home. Some saleswoman was selling something, I think. Anyway, he was at the door talking to this gal and my sister got some vibe she didn’t like.

My sister is a dancer, so the front room of their house was actually a studio with a wooden floor. Catching the vibe, she picked up a chair and without a moment of hesitation, winged it across the room aimed at his knees.

The chair went sliding across the floor and went BAM into his shins, nearly knocking him down like a bowling pin. He wheeled around in a flash of anger to look at her, but he couldn’t help it. All across his face was this stupid puppy dog, “I love you” kind of look. He shut the door on the woman, without comment, and this turned into foreplay for the two of them.

Know who told me this story?

He did. He had an Aries rising. Aries hates a wimp and he was braggin’ on his woman for not taking any shit.

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