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Mind Tricks – Astrology In Real Life: Dating Cancer

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cancer foodOne time, I went on a date with a double Cancer man.

Cancer = home, family, roots, food.

He took me to dinner at a restaurant that was somebody’s converted home. All during dinner he told me about the family that had lived there. He told me their names, and detailed histories with dates of various happenings. He outlined the whole family tree. He told me about the flood, the wipeout, the son taking over, and so forth. He told me where the kitchen was located in the original house. Before the son of the son converted it to a family business, I mean. The one whose highchair once sat in this very room…

You get the picture. This was the entire conversation and I thought I would die. I was bored out of my mind except for the science of it. You know, the astrology.

After dinner, he took me to his house. Instead of trying to have sex with me, which I might of liked, he showed me around. He actually pointed out the switch plates in the bathrooms – someone please shoot me – and then loaded me back in his MINI VAN.

Guess where we went? I bet you can’t. We drove by the house that he used to live in.

Oh brother.

I asked to go home (my own) and he took me, but not before driving by his grandmother’s old place so I could see it. blush

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