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Mind Tricks: Astrology In Real Life: Meeting Pisces On Neptune – Part Two – The Scorpio

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Need to catch up? Part One

The Scorpio

scorp cardWell I never did sleep with that Pisces. I don’t remember exactly why. I think he said he was scared of me. That and he was trying to enter relationships slowly because of AA or something. See, I don’t remember because it was a Neptune transit. But there was no sex and it was his call.

He told me he loved me, but I didn’t believe him. I continued to talk to him on the phone though. I thought he was interesting. Actually he was interesting. He was unusual and I liked that. He wasn’t an inch thick so I liked that too. But I didn’t know what to make of his “I love you” in this situation. He dragged his feet for reason non-specific, and meantime I met a double Scorpio.

I wasn’t sleeping with him either, mostly because I wasn’t sure I trusted him. He had a Leo rising and was highly charismatic, but he gave me the feeling I was being seduced into a cult. He had my attention though, and I’d been out with him a few times. On the last occasion, we were sitting in a pub that’s since become very hip when he started talking about his dick.

What about it? Well, basically how spectacular it was. According to him, when he used his dick the lucky gal was very energized. You know, because of his Scorpio energy. She was, er… well she was better when he was done then before he started, but unfortunately this left him very drained. So drained in fact, that he could only do this maybe twice a week.

I listened to this, sort of incredulous and wondering if he was going to tell me how much this dick of his was going to cost me, because the way he was presenting this, it was like I’m being sold something I couldn’t live without. So then I said something, and he said something, then I said something, and he said something, and right about then, conflict broke out.

I don’t remember exactly what, but I remember feeling my face getting hot, and at that point I decided enough was enough. He was just over the line with this shit, so I reached into my purse and grabbed some cash. A ten, I think.

We were in the room behind the bar, running a tab. I’d deliberately taken the seat with my back to the wall, leaving his back facing the room… knowing this bothers Scorpio to the max. I’d dated a lot of Scorpios and generally wouldn’t do this, but this guy was unnerving me with his cultishness so it was an experiment.

pipesSeeing the cocktail waitress heading our way, I stood up and told Mr. Fancy Dick that I was leaving, while I smiled in drama queen fashion. Before he could speak, I left, coasting by the waitress and dropping the ten on her tray.

“This is for my OJ, please keep the change,” I said. I pointed to the Scorp. “I don’t want any of his energy…” And with that, I was around the corner and out the door.

He followed me because I was his specimen and I was getting away – but I drove off, avoiding eye contact. Actually I peeled out by mistake because in spite of my performance, I was flustered and the parking lot was gravel. When I got home, the phone was ringing so I turned the ringer off and went to sleep.

Next morning… I swear it happened this way: I walked into the kitchen and opened the cabinet under the sink . And right then… right, right, right at that moment, the pipe blew.


Can you say Pluto? I guess that Scorp is pissed, huh?

So I dialed the Pisces. Wouldn’t you?

To be continued tomorrow…

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  • Elsa, gosh, don’t give all Scorpions a bad name. Some of us are highly evolved. But you do paint a picture of Scorponic powers.

    Oh, my, you mentioned another great water sign, Pisces. Oh man, A Pisces/Scorpion love relationship has got to be the most spiritually connected (and the love and sex and everything else) combination of any astrological match up.

    find a Scorpion who uses his powers for the true best of both of you. It can’t be beat….

    much love,

  • OK, us Scorpions are pretty damn proud of our sign…

  • I have a Scorpio man, are you kidding? My man has 4 planets in Scorpio, half of them square Pluto. He does not advertise his dick, however. 😛

  • You know… Don’t tell me. Show me, for chrissakes! 😀

  • Hold it, hold it, hold it!!!!! I have Scorpion all over the place in my various houses besides the sun. But my question is: HOW COME YOU ONLY THINK ABOUT A SCORPIONS DICK!!!!!! Sure, it can be fabulous, but there are many features of the sign. Resiliance, foresight, etc…

    come on you guys, is this just a desperate sex/relationship column or is it a wholeistic view of astrological features in individuals. One’s astrology is merely information added to the mix of an individuals experiences in upbringing. I imagine a Capricorn with abandonment issues reacts a bit different than a Leo with the same issues. A bit different, issues generally lead down the same path, one’s astrology might blueprint the journey to the end…

    Anyway, get off the dick thing…

    thank you,
    an evolved scorpion (ok, that is kind of arrogant. I just had to throw that in….)

  • dick, dick, dick, dick…she rebels. 🙂

  • Elsa, refering to comment #4, I won’t show you nor was I even close to refering to ‘it’ (removing the word ‘dick’).

    Sounds like you were involved with a Scorpion who didn’t handle the situation well. That sucks. If you need hugz, cool. I send you hugz on the astral, OK?

    Don’t be holding someone else’s damage against me, OK? I don’t dig being projected upon.

    Scorpions can lay it out pretty straight on. I know, it pisses some people off. Hardcore truth can do that.


  • Huh? I thought we were playing. Peace back atcha.

  • Elsa, sorry. You’re right. I am all sensitive due to some serious damage on my part about that whole issue of dix and secks and all. You know how Scorpions can be on that subject. I am a downtown Scorpio.

    What is your sign? Seriously! No, hold it, let me say it this way: “what’s your sign?, baby…” Now, there is some fun!

    You know how these blogs are subject to sensitivity since we are unable to detect voice influctions and see each other….

    lets play, it could be a riot!

    much luv….

  • scorpion

    dear, the piceas man will love every woman in his life. he is truthful to you to all the other woman he knows (all of you at the same time). whereas, a scorpion does it differently. You will contact the picean man, but thats because he knows what you want to hear. The scorpion will tell you what you don’t want to hear, and be careful, be very careful that he might be testing you.
    Good luck

  • Tense

    Scorpion men are weak… They get obsessed easily and they are scared of teling the truth they wud rather keep it 2 themslves.. Dnt realy knw wat al the fuss is abt wen it cums 2 scorpions

  • loveofagoodwoman

    ive been talking to this guy via phone,chat and text. He is Nigerian, lives in china and he is a scorpio, oh and we meet online, he proclaimed his love for me in the very beginning. Of course i didnt believe him. Ive read about online romance scams and didnt TRUST him. Its been almost a month now and he hasnt changed his words only added to them wanting to get married and the whole nine. I think he may be aiming towards next year for marriage. He has shared info about his family and work status, but im still not sure if he is inlove with me like he claims or just trying to marry an American. What do you think?