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Clint Eastwood is getting old–and he’s living proof that the Oriental cultures have it right.

Million Dollar Baby swept the top Oscars (saw it last night and could see why). My friend cynically described it as: “…a pretty good movie, and just a little bit soapy.”

Compelling is more the word I would use. Very much about real people and the real crap that makes life so intense–for good and for bad–but packaged in a hard-hitting punch-’em-up box and covered with human-emotion wrappings.

Had pretty much everything you could want–white kid from the trailer park trying to rise above it all, girls in tight little tops and shorts, blood and guts, guys with cut abs and rolling muscles, religion in the form of a fairly cool priest and some heavy moral choices, best guy friends, bullies, patsies, boxing matches, bloodthirsty fans, estranged father and kid, money-hungry family members and assorted other bad guys, and a tough, feisty heroine with a burning desire.

I am so-not a boxing fan–but by the time the fights came on, I cared about the characters so much it didn’t matter. I rate it A.

But I feel more like it’s a testament to the bright talent and quiet wisdom of a helluva guy who just keeps on giving from his heart.

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  • Good job, Barbara. This film is just so much better than most of what is playing right now. While I enjoyed the Aviator this film had a stronger emotional impact for me.

    I also enjoyed Mystic River immensely.

  • Thanks. My guess is Eastwood will be using his brilliance and his fire to give us gifts til the day he dies. Read my comments about aging brains at BioMedNews.

  • Here’s the link to Barbara’s article. I quite agree with your thoughts about Clint, Barbara, although I have yet to see the movie.

  • chris

    Saw the movie last night and was vaguely disappointed. Clint, Hilary and Morgan were all very believable, but it seemed a slower pace than I expect. More talking, discussing and rehashing — long looks — I think if they cut another 15 minutes out of the movie, it would have had better pacing.

    just my opinion.

  • Very perceptive–I think you’re right on. Crisper pacing would have made it better.