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Millennium was a dramatic series that debuted for FOX television in 1996, and ran for three seasons — never quite making it to the millennium itself. It was the second series created by Chris Carter, best known for The X-Files.

Starring Lance Henriksen as FBI agent Frank Black, Millennium was a dark, supernatural thriller based, at least in part, on the approaching year 2000 millennium. As a member of the shadowy, secret "Millennium Group," Black used his precognitive gifts to solve grisly murders with dark ritualistic aspects. In the show's second season, the approaching millennial apocalypse — and the mysterious group's apparent role in it — was featured most prominently.

Considered by some to be ahead of it's time, Millennium has taken on near mythical status amongst its many fans in the blogosphere, who discuss everything from story arcs to ongoing rumors of a Millennium movie at sites like TIWWA (which stands "This Is Who We Are"). Millennium also made fascinating use of music, particularly on an episode called "The Time Is Now", which featured a long montage of apocalyptic scenes set to a soundtrack by Patti Smith.

Millennium can currently be seen in reruns on the Chiller cable network.

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