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Milbloggers Invited To BlogWorld Expo

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Veterans, active duty, reserves, and milspouses are being invited to attend the upcoming BlogWorld and New Media Expo next monnth in Las Vegas for free by Expo founder Rick Calvert.  Calvert issued this challenge to the writers of the top ranked Blackfive milblog.

From October 15-17, bloggers from across the country will converge at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Blogcritics will be there too). BWE has designated a special track just for milbloggers, active duty, reserves, veterans, and milspouses on October 15.

Rick's reasons for doing so appeared on the BlackFive blog:

I personally believe milblogs are one of the single most important and powerful genres in the blogosphere. Every American Citizen at least should be aware of them. That's why we host the milblog track at BlogWorld.

Several of the most popular milbloggers are set to attend, which includes the crews from Blackfive, Mudville Gazette, and Bouhammer. To spread the word about milblogs, Calvert is offering free registration to 200 individuals on Thursday, October 15 to attend the Milblogging track.

The requirements are as follows:

1. If you are currently serving in the Armed Forces, or are a veteran of same (discharged or retired) and want to attend, please drop by the Blackfive blog post, and follow the directions to send an email to Laughing Wolf with the words BWE09 Free Registration" in the subject line. Tell Laughing Wolf who you are, and he'll send you a code for free online registration. This will give you access to the milblog track and access to the exhibit hall (and the Milblog Lounge) on October 16 and 17.

2.If you are a military spouse, spouse blogger, military supporter, or reader of the milblogs, the same applies.

3. If you have a blog or other outlets of your own (Twitter, Facebook, newsgroups, e-mail groups, etc.) please spread the word.

4. If you happen to have contacts in blogging or old media in California, Nevada, or Arizona, please reach out to them as well, as we would very much like to be sure that we reach all the different bases in those regions.

While the registration only covers the milblog track and exhibit hall, if you want to attend parties, other sessions, etc., you can contact BWE after you register and see about the costs of upgrades. Also, a reminder to those already speaking and attending: if your spouse, SO, or other is coming with you and you want them to get in, be sure they register with one of the free codes so they can be badged.

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About Kanani

  • Next year! Or if you can get to Arlington VA, you can go to the Milblogging.com conference April 9 – 10, 2010.

  • Chris -YAY! Have a wonderful time.

  • Chris Jones

    I would love to participate but my hubby will be home from the sandbox for his two weeks of R & R and to me that time is way to special! Hope everyone who attends has a wonderful time and shares all of their knowledge with those of us unable to go.