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Mike Keneally makes new album DOG available with bonus DVD and CD

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I figure there’s more than a few guitar fans who would celebrate the news of what is certain to be another fantastic Mike Keneally album. For those “not in the know,” Keneally was Frank Zappa’s guitarist on the doomed 1988 tour, documented by The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life, Make a Jazz Noise Here, and Broadway The Hard Way. Keneally has since gone solo and has turned out one great album after another – and usually each successive one has been better than the last! His last album, the acoustic Wooden Smoke, may just be my favorite (actually, it’s tied with Sluggo!.) Keneally’s brand of guitar work favors showing off his seemingly unlimited skills, but he does so in a musically-friendly way – it’s not just a showcase for his speed.

But enough of that, on to the news.

Pre-Orders Begin For Mike Keneally Band’s DOG Special Edition CD/DVD!
Spring ’04 Release Slated
PRE-ORDER at http://www.moosemart.com BEFORE 12/31/03


Mike Keneally’s first album in over two years is also the recorded debut of the Mike Keneally Band: Mike on guitar, keyboards and lead vocals, Rick Musallam on guitar and vocals, Bryan Beller on bass and Nick D’Virgilio on drums and vocals. It’s a powerful, electric album of music that the fierce foursome has been honing onstage for months, along with the surprises you’ve come to expect on a new Keneally album.

This special edition will also contain a first for Exowax: a region-free NTSC DVD that includes live MKB performances, behind-the-scenes studio footage and several extras. And in the time-honored Exo-tradition, Mike will hand-number and autograph the first 2500 copies. When you pre-order, your credit card will be debited right away and you’ll receive your DOG when it’s released next spring.

When you pre-order the special edition of DOG before December 31, 2003, you’ll also receive PUP with your order– a cool 35-minute CD-R preview of Mike’s upcoming Radio Keneally internet broadcast service, personally assembled, narrarated and labeled by Mike. It features studio and live MKB recordings, MK solo home recordings, and more!

The standard single-CD edition of DOG will be available for purchase when it’s released in the spring.

Get those credit cards out, guitar and good-music fans. While there, be sure and order yourself a copy of the limited edition of Wooden Smoke. Without the second disc, the album wouldn’t feel complete to me. You’re really missing out if you pass up that one.

(you’re also really missing out if’n you don’t head over to unproductivity while you’re out and about.)

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  • so keneally was on the zappa releases you’ve listed?

    my only exposure to him was some video…”Zappa’s Universe” or something like that.

    i’ve read that he’s a great guitar player…but the funny lyric stuff isn’t really for me.

    are his records mostly instrumental, mostly vocal, 50/50?

  • definitely relies less on the guitar pyrotechnics than his early stuff, but there’s a lot of enjoyable stuff on all of his albums. His music is the kind of thing that I always wanted to find in Zappa, but the poop and sex humor always got in my way. Keneally has always steered clear of that, fortunately. I highly suggest giving him a chance! 🙂

  • Well cool, I lost about half my comment! Let’s see, what was I trying to say . . . something about him not being like Zappa all that much, just having that influence in terms of musical complexity. Keneally’s gotten much more song-oriented recently, so his focus is less on wowing you than it is presenting a strong set of lyrics and music. Wooden Smoke is the peak of that, for me, and makes me very curious to see where he takes this when back in his “normal” band (WS being acoustic, but sporting a wide variety of instrumentation, much of it played by Keneally.)

    Mark, I think you might really enjoy Wooden Smoke as well as his instrumental freak-out, Nonkertopmf. I think his whole catalog is great, but I can see it not appealing to the unitiated at first. Go forth and order!

  • JR

    “so keneally was on the zappa releases you’ve listed?”

    Keneally is on those albums, but that was a twelve-piece band, so you’re not likely to pick him out. I’m pretty sure FZ plays all the guitar solos.

    Those albums are pretty fun, although there is a lot of tasteless humor. I find Zappa’s version of “Stairway To Heaven” sacrilegious, but I like it anyway. I like how they transcribed Page’s solo for the horn section. Thir version of “Purple Haze” is bizarre.

    Keneally plays a more prominent support role in Steve Vai’s set from the “G3 Live” CD and DVD. Obviously that music involves lots of widdly-widdly, but Keneally gets to solo a little. He’s also on Dweezil Zappa’s latest, which is supposed to be very complex music. I haven’t heard that one; I got so burned by Dweezil’s first album that I never went back for more. (No doubt he’s improved since he was fifteen.)

  • i got to see Zappa on the tour where they did Stairway To Heaven….the horns doin’ the guitar solo was just too funny!

  • JR

    “i got to see Zappa on the tour where they did Stairway To Heaven….the horns doin’ the guitar solo was just too funny!”

    Yeah, that was my first reaction too. But in addition to being humorous, it also sounds damn good. That horn-section-guitar-solo rocks!

    That was one tour I really wish I had seen. It didn’t make it to my part of the country, and that was just before I really got into Zappa so I doubt I would have gone anyway. D’oh. The Zappa family should do a Pearl Jam and release CD’s of each show on the tour. I bet they’ve got the tapes.