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Mike Brown “Resigns,” America Is A Safer Place

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For all of you who think I do nothing but bash Bush, prepare to eat your words. Today I come not to bury Caesar, but to praise him. In a move that had to happen for Mr. Bush to retain even the slimmest shred of integrity and respectability, Mike Brown tendered his “resignation” moments ago. I applaud the move as the right thing to do for this country, and the right thing to do as leader of this country.

All to often, Mr. Bush has shown a greater trust in loyalty than competence. Mistakes are swept away or excused – or worse, never acknowledged as having been made in the first place. How well you toe the line is a better measure of your career longevity than how well you do your job. The people who were sacked were often the people who disagreed a little too much.

That isn’t bashing, it’s a real assessment of Mr. Bush’s leadership strategy. In some ways it’s noble in a world full of political backstabbers, but when loyalty puts people’s lives at risk, then the nobility is replaced with stupidity.

Hiring Mr. Brown because he was the friend of a friend was stupid. That’s how you decide who plays in a poker match, not who runs FEMA. It is also a pretty common thing in this White House. That’s why you see such poor vetting (Bernie Kerik anyone?). Who needs to look for sordid detail in a world where a man’s word is good enough?

Except we all know that the words of certain men aren’t worthy of that type of trust, or this kind of misplaced loyalty.

We don’t pay taxes to reward loyal behavior. We pay taxes for the same reason a company pays a wage – to get a job done. When the job isn’t done, there needs to be a change. This time, that common sense was followed. Too late to be of comfort to thousands of people, but maybe not too late to save others from the same fate.

No word yet on whether or not Mr. Brown will receive the Medal of Freedom. I’d put the odds as even money.


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  • RJ

    Andrew Sullivan got his wish…

  • and why shouldn’t have he? Do you feel like FEMA is weaker after his resignation?

  • RogerMDillion

    So did those who cae about America

  • RJ

    I’m just saying.

    Sullivan was the blogosphere’s big force for booting MB. And it happened.

    So, Sullivan got his wish.

    Wanna bet he gloats about it? 😉

  • ok,

    I know I don’t carry a lot of political mojo outside of my basement. However, I do have to mention I write right here on Blogcritics last week about Brown resigning. Where are my thanks?


    It’s a small victory for the fight of good, but a victory nonetheless

  • btw, it doesn’t make America much safer. What would have made America safer is if the president chose a qualified individual to run the country’s emergency program.

    the president is more culpable in all of this, more so than Brown. Why? What the hell did Brown know about catastrophic disasters? not a thing. he was a horse lawyer and lobbyist from Denver.

    the guilt of having an unqualified person running the agency lays squarely on this administrations shoulders.

    I am not just talking shit, either. I volunteer for the Red Cross. This is what we do all day long – prepare and pack for emergencies. I always assumed the FEMA did the same.

  • 1Potato

    In a similar vein, I generally support Bush but agree that some of his cronyism is objectionable. At times, he is loyal to a fault.

    Then again, to conservatives, trust is critical. In school they only taught about evil “McCarthyism”; never the fact that there really was widespread communist infiltration in our government and industry. My point is, these are sensitive positions. Wouldn’t you trust someone more if your own father vouched for that person? In some ways I like that Bush is careful, but he can be overly so leading to tunnel vision.

  • If Sullivan’s agitating had anything to do with Brown resigning then he has a right to gloat a bit.

    I note that Brown was replaced by a professional career firefighter who’s worked with FEMA for several years. Odd they couldn’t find this guy when they picked Brown.


  • OH My god, i can’t beliee someone went to the McCarthyism school to justify “conservative”croynism. The fact is the McCarthy investigation found not one, not ONE Communist agent.

  • RJ

    Cranky – Were there, or weren’t there, Communists in the State Department in the late 40s and early 50s?

  • And the McCarthy trials found exactly how many?

    Sure there were communist in this country. Being a communist was not in and of itself bad (though foolish). This country managed to survive and prosper because I think there is something about having political freedom. I mean communisism, fascism, anarchy, republicanism, are all valid examples of political thought I abhor, but I respect the right of people to think that way.

    What you really mean to say is ‘were there or were there not Soviet agents in the U.S. State Department” and the answer was yes. That is a vastly different assertion.

    McCarthy didn’t find any of those either.

  • Communists McCarthy found <= witches the Inquisition found.