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Midwestern Hurricanes?

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Recently, I noticed something very odd while watching the original 1962 version of The Manchurian Candidate on one of the cable movie channels. In one scene, Maj. Marco (played by Frank Sinatra) enters his apartment carrying a newspaper. The headline on the newspaper reports the murder of a senator and his daughter. But on that same newspaper, clearly if briefly visible in bold type at the very top of the page, is a headline for another story: “Violent Hurricane Sweeps Midwest.”

We get our share of unpleasant, weird, occasionally violent weather here in the midwest — the meteorology gods recently dropped a freakin’ glacier on Cleveland. But a hurricane in the midwest? A tornado maybe, but a hurricane?

But that’s merely a bit a trivia, a bar bet in the works, and not a criticism of a great film. I haven’t seen the remake. Why should I?

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