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Middle East Peace Process, an Illusion –UN Rapporteur

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Richard Falk, a UN human rights rapporteur, has said the UN, the US and Israel had failed in upholding Palestinian rights. He said the peace process that began decades ago, aimed at creating an Independent, sovereign Palestinian state appeared to be based on illusion, as the continued settlement construction would probably make Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories irreversible.

Bad Precedent

As usual Israel defended its actions by saying Mr Falk’s report on the Palestinian territories was biased. It said the report served a political agenda. Israel hardly admitted any of its occupations of territories, attacks, killings and ill-treatment of Palestinians in Israel as well as in West Bank and Gaza. It has a habit of immediately going in denial mode, instead of addressing the issues in question.

Richard FalkIsrael tried several times to make the UN reports, fact-finding reports of independent organizations and the UN Human rights commission’s reports themselves as issues without caring for addressing the findings in reports. Israeli state has set a bad precedent of disrespecting international solidarity for Palestinians and disrespecting the international organisations like the UN and its several wings.

The international community has been made a fool several times by Israel’s rejection of UN resolutions, totally derailing Oslo peace process and killing eleven Turkish people on board Gaza bound aid flotilla in international waters. As the rapporteur said in an interview given to the Indian News Paper ‘The Hindu,’ “They feel that they can ignore or refuse to cooperate with the U.N., even though as a member they are legally obligated to cooperate.”


Thus, Mr. Falk’s statement is hundred percent justified when he said the UN, the US and Israel failed in upholding Palestinian rights. One has to wonder with the Israeli statement that the report was biased and served a political agenda. It has been building settlements that are illegal under international law and UN resolutions; it has been defending the occupation of Palestinian territories and construction of settlements; and it derailed the recent peace discussions promoted by the Obama government by not accepting to extend the partial freeze of settlement building. Israel did not even allow Mr Falk into Israel and Palestine territories. Then how can it accuse Richard Falk that he is biased as if it tried its best to convey its case to him?

The construction is illegal. It is taking place on occupied Palestinian territories. The self-imposed freeze was partial. And it was temporary. So, Israel denied extending the illegal, temporary, partial and self-imposed freeze on settlement construction for just three to four months, and because of that denial, the direct talks came to an end. It is really a shame upon the US establishment, the UN set up and even the international community that has remained unbearably passive for decades over atrocities of Israeli state on Palestinian Arabs on their own land. The rapporteur’s observation that the peace process aimed at creating an independent, sovereign Palestinian state was based on an illusion of Israel agreeing to the resolutions of the UN or requests of the US at least, is 100 percent justified, if not 200.

De Facto Annexation

The rapporteur said in his interview that the report argued that the prolonged occupation combined with the expansion of the settlements amounted now to de facto annexation. After 43 years of occupation and with the Israel building more or less permanent settlements, Mr Falk said, there couldn’t be just temporary legitimate occupation and it could be more realistic to say it as a situation of de facto annexation, de jure occupation. Falk boldly said the best hope for the Palestinians was the “legitimacy war,” similar to the anti-apartheid campaign in the late-1980s and 1990s that undermined the apartheid regime and led to its dethroning.

The legitimacy war, proposed by Falk, appears good to listen and read for those who envisage an independent state for Palestinians. But, it is not plausible given the ground realities. The ruling party and opposition are both rightists in Israel politics. The West Bank government is sponsored by the US and Israel. Unavailability of inspiring leadership among Palestinian leaders after the death of Yasser Arafat is haunting Palestinians. There is an absence of legitimate representation of Palestinians’ struggle on international platforms during peace talks. And the continued and invariable support, monitory and military, of the US regime is there to the Israeli regime. All these factors have pushed such possibility of legitimacy war away from realization.


Mr Falk responded to Israel’s criticism that his report was biased and politically motivated. He said that his mandate was to report on the Israeli occupation, not on the rights and wrongs of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict referring Israeli criticism that he made no mention of Palestinian terrorist attacks. He added that the deepening expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem and demolition of Palestinians’ homes have formed a base to his conclusion. Interestingly, Richard Falk asked the UN to support civil society initiatives including campaigns to sanction or boycott Israel for alleged violations of international law. If the sanctioning of Iran is justified, the idea of sanctioning Israel for disrespecting the international laws and the UN resolutions is more than justified.

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  • Ruvy

    This idiot Falk is a bigot, not to mention a liar. Just as India is filled with self-hating Indians who put India down for any reason, the world is filled with self-hating Jews who put down the only refuge the world offers them!

    UN Rapporteur my ass! The UN has supported more Arab terror and death against Israel than any other organization on the planet barring only the Arab ones. It is time to kick the UN out of my country, to dissolve the refugee camps and let the “refugees” either find real homes in Israel as Arab citizens – or leave. America can take them in. They take in all the other trash in the world – the Mexican criminals, and the like.

    A jet flying into the UN building in NY would be a great service to the world.

  • Hi Ruvy, I’m expecting you on this thread. But, not expected the first sentence of 2nd para.

    Can’t we see the hardships of the Arab people in their refugee camps around Palestine-Israel? Let us discuss how Mr. Falk is bigot, instead of accusing him. Let the discussion and commenting be productive, Ruvy. You have been so in many comments.

  • Ruvy, I wonder you restrained yourself from accusing me for bringing Falk’s interview on to this platform. I’m very much grateful to you for that. You focus on issues rather on writers. That’s what needed for a productive discussion.

    I’m glad that your anger did not lead to accusing the writer. Let that diplomacy be extended to Mr. Falk’s views also. After all, his views are not going to be final you know. We have to see whether his views reflect the ground realities. Mr. Falk says they are. If you feel they do not, and you have facts to mention, let them be presented here.

  • Ruvy


    After years and years of false accusations, lies in the press, lies by foreign governments, submission by the native pack of bought out traitors, there is no more patience in me for useless discussions. This man Falk is a liar, the UN is a big bad and fatal joke and the lot of these scum need to be vomited out of Israel. And in the fullness of time, they will be.

    Oh, it will be at a high price. The butcher’s bill will be huge. It will appear to be the casualties of a huge missile bombardment, but the reality will be that the evil amongst us will die, along with the evil of our enemies. But the land will be purified of its enemies – all of them.

    I have no reason to accuse you of anything except perhaps ignorance in not seeing the awful realities of this country, ad of being unwilling to see where these realities stem from. But that is not a fair accusation. You are surrounded by the awful realities of your own country, and to you they are more immediate. And they should be, for life in India is not easy except for the rich. So, you follow that portion of the foreign media that appeals to you, thinking it gives accurate voice to reality.

    It doesn’t.

  • Ruvy

    Nu, Sekhar, so you can get a dose of REALITY instead of bullshit, read this article through. This is a personal account given by a resident of Gush Etzion – the Etzion Bloc of villages in Judea.

    A lot of us living in Judea and Samaria DO NOT hate the Arabs living around us. Most of them are just average folk, trying to put some food on the table and live out their dreams.

    What I resent is when leftists from the People’s Republic of Tel Aviv, along with anti-Jewish and anti-Israel American, British and European trash (Rachel Corrie comes to mind) incite the local Arabs to include our deaths in their dreams. That is what the essence of this article is about.

    This is nothing new. While British colonial policy was supposed to support the development of a Jewish National Home, the Brits on the ground, who disliked Jews and liked Arabs, fomented anti-Jewish violence here, and then expelled Jews from their homes. The Israeli government, which is deathly afraid of a Sanhedrin taking its power here, is now following a similar policy in Judea and Samaria, and in large parts of Jerusalem.

    THAT IS REALITY. For bullshit, you can go to the western media, or the copycat “Hebrew media” of the People’s Republic of Tel Aviv. Or, you can just go to the Times of India.