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Mid-Life Crisis – Neptune Transit: Astrology-based Advice

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netpune greenDear Elsa,

I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Life is passing me by and I am grasping at air.

I wrote a book and found an agent but no publisher has said “yes” yet. It’s been over a year now since it started being shopped around.

I will be 39 soon and I really want a child… but I have fertility problems. Each time I am ready, some other problem is discovered. Sometimes I’m not even sure I am up to having a child. What’s wrong with me?

I live in a nice house with a husband I love. We’re okay money-wise but I feel strangely empty. Is this a mid-life crisis or something else?


Dear Grasping,

No, it’s not a midlife crisis. That would be much simpler. Instead it’s a massive Neptune transit and you are being forced to cope with copious amounts of confusion.

Now there’s good news and bad news here. The bad news is, you shouldn’t expect clarity anytime soon. I’m talking years, not months. Honestly, you aren’t going to know exactly what you’re doing until about 2010. This is also the good news, and I’ll explain.

Someone told me once, they were really glad they did not run the world. She said she was grateful there were higher forces at work. “Because left to my own devices, I would have chosen much less than what I got…” she explained. She wanted a husband, but she said she had no idea there were men in the world as good as the one she wound up with. If she’d been able to write her own ticket, she’d have shortchanged herself.

So just imagine, you had the power to publish your book today. Just think about that. Would it be as satisfying as letting it happen organically? Probably not.

You have some Leo in your chart, so imagine this: think about your life as a movie you’re living. This Neptune period is part of your movie. It’s not the beginning or the end. It’s just a segment, but it’s key to the plot. And it’s uncomfortable but it’s the only way to get to the next scene! Can you do that? Of course you can.

Neptune transits teach faith, whether you like it or not!!! Thankfully, faith is ultra-valuable, and I’ll give you a practical example.

You and I are in similar circumstance. We both have unpublished books – a year in the pipe. But you are anxious, and I am not. I have no anxiety at all because I have faith – in buckets.

I know the universe acts in my best interest…always.

I know timing is divine…always.

I have complete faith that things play out in way that is perfect…for everyone.

It will help you tremendously during this period if you can cultivate similar beliefs. Good luck.

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  • How to cope with difficult relationship times under neptune transit, can’t think straight!

  • Pisceaquarian

    Hi there,

    I feel like I’ve been tossed around like lettuce in a salad spinner for a few years now. I just turned 42… have had no career direction (with no lack of ideas, but I seem incapable of deciding) for about 5 years. I’ve suffered through great times of depression ever since the Pluto Square Pluto around age 36 happened. Now, I just feel very confused. Have these wild ideas that spring up and seem like “it”! and I get excited and start putting them in motion. Then I second guess myself, and third, and fourth… I’m making myself nuts. And they ARE some wild ideas… like going off to a meditation retreat, or becoming a singer on a cruise ship, or moving to a completely different place and getting rid of nearly all my possessions, studying clairvoyance and energy healing… just to name a few. I almost do these things, then feel guilty or attached to my house and cat and friends and stuff, but alternate with thoughts of sweeping change… And, believe it or not (well, before all this started I suppose) I was a very grounded and generally happy person! Meanwhile, I’ve been pining for a relationship for a while now, but it seems like my personal craziness—the Neptune fog?—may be preventing it from happening for a little while longer.

    Right now, Neptune is exactly squaring my natal Neptune AND Uranus is opposing my natal Uranus at the same time, along with a few other major and minor transits. UGGGHHHHH! I sometimes feel like I’m trapped in my own skin… other times I find myself wishing for the end of the world and acting as if that is the case. It’s not pretty. There are moments of calm in there too but not for very long…

    I don’t know if you can have any words for me but I will gladly take any you choose to throw my way.


  • Meditation

    When transiting Neptune squares its natal position (Neptune square Neptune) in the chart we are confronted with that “vision thing”. Neptune is associated with our ideals, our ideal vision of how things can and should be. This transit challenges us to revisit our vision for ourselves and see how closely we are aligned with it. If we are considerably out of alignment we can experience quite a feeling of loss and grieving over what could have been if we had only followed through with our vision. Neptune is also associated with the urge to transcend the personality so this transit can also be experienced as a questioning of how we are manifesting spiritual grace in our lives. In other words, questions of right livelihood, being an instrument for a greater power or aligning our personal will with the greater will of the universe become increasingly important issues at this time.

    Transiting Uranus opposing its natal position (Uranus opposition) is a time for determining how free we are to express our unique individuality. Have we become so identified with some aspect of our personality or relationship that we have become stagnant and resistant to change? If so, transiting Uranus will accentuate problems we have in these areas and challenge us to break free of limiting patterns. For example, transiting Uranus has been moving through my seventh house of relationship for several years now. When it came into opposition with my natal Uranus my freedom urge came up in spades! Although I am in a very committed relationship, we both had to look deeply into ourselves to see how we have been restricting each other’s freedom of expression. Fortunately, we could communicate our needs, both for independence and interdependence, and were able to alter our relationship to allow for more freedom. In my case, the Uranus opposition not only awakened my need for freedom but also revealed my own patterns of dependence that were limiting my expression as well.