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Microsoft Vista: Delayed Again

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The next chapter in the remaking of Longhorn is already published. Now comes the announcement that the consumer launch of Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, which was supposed to happen in the second half of 2006, will now ship in January 2007.

Bob Cringley and several others predicted early this year that the Vista launch might not happen in 2006 at all. No doubt the PC makers waiting to cash in on an upgrade upturn may be concerned in a big way as they are not only seeing this get delayed, but it could also potentially affect their Christmas season sale plans. Apple must be pleased.

Microsoft’s last reorganization was aimed at driving greater agility in the execution of its software and services strategy. It claimed that its reorganisation was aimed at strengthening its planned releases for the next eighteen months in core areas. February ’07 is eighteen months after September ’05 and this new launch date is January, 2007. Hmm…

As a matter of fact, Microsoft chopped off most of the real features from Vista to get it out “on time.” Some critics argue that this could be akin to a cosmetic upgrade and even for that Microsoft has delayed the launch. While Microsoft’s legendary shipping problem is well known, and some have even questioned its future, there has always been the recognition of its unmatched capability to churn out large doses of software.

Hopefully they will stick to this new date for the promised launch – delayed by several years already.

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