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Microsoft Pre-Tokyo Game Show Press Conference News

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It might be late at night over here in North America, but over in Japan, everybody is getting revved up for Tokyo Game Show 2007, an event that promises to be off the charts, with big announcements expected from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft, though is getting a jump on their rivals, throwing a pre-TGS press event to make some big announcements.

Just what exactly got announced, though? Check it out:

Lost Odyssey is now set for a January 2008 release date in North America. It will first hit Japan on December 6, 2007, and Europe will see the game in February 2008. Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi stated, however, that a delay is possible, given that they care “cutting it close.”

Ninja Gaiden 2 is headed to the Xbox 360 in 2008, but it’s not being published by Tecmo. Instead, Microsoft is publishing Team Ninja’s newest title, meaning the game is likely to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. According to 1up.com, Ryu’s newest adventure will take him from New York to Tokyo to the Netherworld. On top of that, Ryu will have new weapons; claws on his hands and “razor-like blades” on his feet that will be used to aid in the game’s bloody decapitations. A health mechanic that recharges your health partially between save points, like in the original Halo, is also being added to the game.

— Extended trailers for Halo 3 and Ace Combat 6 were shown at the event, with the latter once again getting confirmed as a Xbox 360 exclusive, according to Kotaku. Devil May Cry 4‘s new trailer was also shown and got plenty of applause from the Japanese press crowd.

— Speaking of Devil May Cry 4, it is due out in 2008, while Gundam Operation Troy and Beautiful Katamari are both confirmed as releases for this year. Dynasty Warriors 6 hit stores in Japan during November.

— Games for Windows Live was touched upon, with the announcement that Age of Empires, Crysis, World in Conflict and the brand-new Viva Pinata game for the PC will all be playable at the show.

— New Xbox Live Arcade titles to look forward to: Rez HD, Every Extend Extra Extreme, Ikaruga, Trigger Heart Exelica, Exit and Omega Five. Microsoft is going to make a killing off me in the next few months, I think.

— In addition to the black and white Xbox 360 controllers that are available here in North America, two new colors were unveiled: light blue and pink. It is not yet known when these new colors will be available for purchase.

— A new title from Microsoft, Tri-Ace and Square Enix was announced, called Infinite Discovery, featuring situation battles and full real time strategy.

— Also from Square Enix comes news on The Last Remnant, with a new trailer being shown. The trailer has a tag line of “A Square Enix RPG For the World.” It won’t be playable at TGS.

That’s all for now. Check back for more news from this year’s Tokyo Game Show as it breaks!

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