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Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple – The BugBlog Report 5/8/06

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Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week in the BugBlog:

Earlier reports said some users were losing their Windows Address Books after installing the April Security Patch MS06-016 for Microsoft Outlook Express. Microsoft says this is usually due to corruption that has built up over time in the Address Book, especially those that were created in earlier versions of Outlook Express and then upgraded many times. They have a fix that involves removing the patch, making a backup of the Address Book, deleting the original, and then reinstalling everything. They have detailed instructions on what to do at support.microsoft.com.

There is a bug in Mozilla Firefox 1.5.x that may get triggered when you come across deleted controller context on a web page. This only happens if designMode is turned on. In most cases, this will only crash the browser in a denial of service attack, but it may be possible to use this to run hostile code. It has been fixed in Firefox It does not affect Firefox 1.0.x or Mozilla Suite 1.7.x. You can get the update at mozilla.com.

There may be less need for your kernel to panic after you upgrade to Mac OS X Server 10.4.6. According to Apple, the update lessens the possibility of a kernel panic due to three different situations with NFS: users writing or copying large (over 2 GB) files; NFSv2 clients using applications with NFS Home Directories; heavy TCP loads on NFS Home Directory Servers. See docs.info.apple.com about this update.

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