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Microsoft Helps Clean Up Sony DRM Rootkit Mess

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An official of the Department of Homeland Security has suggested that Sony’s recent DRM rootkit programming is a computer security threat. There have been at least two computer viruses circulating based on the security breach this hacker-style DRM software creates.

Also, there is already a class action lawsuit by consumers filed in California.

Sony has suspended use of this DRM scheme. They have not, however, apologized or offered any compensation to consumers. There has been no word of any recall on the defective CDs still on store shelves. Consumers should be highly skeptical of buying Sony music CDs at this point. Don’t count on the CD package to tell you what kind of malware is buried on Sony product, as they gave no indication of what they were doing to start with.

Finally, Microsoft has stepped into this mess. According to an official Microsoft support site, this DRM scheme is officially considered “malicious software” and they are adding a fix to remove it.

Of course, if you continue playing Sony music CDs on your computer, you might find yourself having to remove the same nasty stuff repeatedly.

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  • there is additional undocumented drm, not rootkit, but as bad on Sony CDs