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Microsoft, Apple, and RIM: The BugBlog Report 8/14/06

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Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week in the BugBlog:

While Microsoft released twelve security bulletins during August's Patch Tuesday, the most important one to the US Department of Homeland Security is MS06-040, for the vulnerability in the Server service. That is the one they singled out as most important, saying "This vulnerability could impact government systems, private industry and critical infrastructure, as well as individual and home users." Microsoft has made a patch available.

When using iTunes for Windows you may be getting sub-par audio results, including skips, pops, and garbled music. This may also affect music being played through the Apple QuickTime Player. Apple says you may need to adjust the Sound Out feature in QuickTime, or the Sound Enhancer feature in iTunes, to take care of incompatibilities with your sound card. Apple shows some troubleshooting steps.

Research in Motion Blackberry owners now have to worry about malware attacks. Security researcher Jesse D'Aguanno has demonstrated how you can combine some Trojan horse code in a free tic-tac-toe game download, which will then work with BBProxy to launch attacks against other machines on a network. It's all theoretical for now, but there's probably bad guys working on this right now. Read more.

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