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Microsoft, Apple, and AOL: BugBlog Report 8/21/06

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Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week in the BugBlog:

A brand-new attack against Microsoft PowerPoint was discovered on August 19, 2006. A maliciously designed PowerPoint document, when opened, may be able to run code on your computer. The exact bug hasn't been pinned down yet, but has been noted because of the Trojan Horse-type activity it triggers. It does not appear to be the same bug patched by Microsoft in the August Patch Tuesday security release. For now, the only fix is to be careful around unknown PowerPoint files.

Unruly fans can cause problems at concerts and sports events, and also in Apple MacBook laptops. After many complaints about noisy fans in the Intel-based laptop computers, Apple has released a firmware update that hopefully will make the fans behave. They've already done this for MacBook Pro computers, so the fix has moved down the line. Apple's support page has the update and instructions.

Secunia Research found a bug in the way that America Online 9.0 Security Edition revision 4184.2340 sets default permissions in the America Online 9.0 folder. AOL gives Full Control to the Everyone group, which means that anyone can delete or change AOL files in this folder. Secunia told AOL, who has a fix ready. It will be applied automatically when you log onto AOL. If you are using a version older than Security Edition 9, AOL says you should upgrade. Secunia credits Carsten Eiram with finding the bug.

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