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Microsoft and Adobe: The BugBlog Report, 6/12/06

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Here are some of the most significant bugs from the past week in the BugBlog:

There won't be any fixes for Windows 98 or Windows ME for the bug in Windows Explorer that was announced in April, and that was patched in the newer Microsoft operating systems. According to Microsoft, patching this bug would have interfered with too many other things in the OS, and could have caused compatibility problems. Their advice for Windows 98/ME users was to use firewall filtering on TCP Port 139 instead. Of course, most people who are still using Windows 98/ME probably aren't the kinds of computer users who can make sense of that advice. All official support for Windows 98/ME ends after July's Patch Tuesday anyway. Read more at ZDNet News.

If you have the Font Preview Size option turned on in Adobe Photoshop CS 2, and one of your fonts is damaged, the speed of Photoshop may slow down drastically. There are two workarounds — either turn off Font Preview Size or find and get rid of the damaged fault. For a more permanent fix, install the Photoshop CS 2 9.0.1 update. Get it at Adobe's download page.

There is an incompatibility between Windows XP and some unspecified network adapter drivers and unspecified host firewall software. Microsoft says that this combination may trigger an error message similar to
STOP 0x000000D1(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
There will be hex numbers in place of the parameter placeholders. Microsoft released a hotfix for this on June 6. If you are getting this error message, go to Microsoft's support page for the download.

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